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Which one is suitable for you – MBA VS M.Tech


Is it worth to do a master degree after engineering? And the answer is YES! It will definitely add more value to your career. If you are an engineer and want to do an M.Tech or MBA, then not only it will add to your qualification, but also aid your career for a long term.

On the other hand, students often get confused whether they should choose the MBA or M.Tech. So let’s discuss about this.

MBA or M.Tech

First, you need to understand that there is no comparison between M. Tech and MBA. These programmes are Master Degrees and have values and in their respective fields. Whether it is the MBA or M.Tech, it always adds a merit point to an engineer in terms of knowledge, experience and supremacy.

In every sector like IT, manufacturing, academic or any research based organization, there is an equal scope for these two Master Degrees. Doing the M.Tech in a particular specialization will make you more confident and experienced. You become an advantage to a company which has a business profile of that sector. On the contrary, MBA will offer you an absolutely different business outlook and is broader in possibility.

The choice is yours.

To choose from these two degrees, first you should know your capabilities, career objectives and interests. If you are interested in pursuing your career in the technical field, then M.Tech is the right selection for you. You can also switch your career in academic field like teaching or research. But in case if you want to work in the industrial management field, MBA is the perfect selection for you. It is a management programme which will upgrade your managerial, communication and presentation abilities.

Interestingly, if you are a working professional and cannot attend full-time or regular classes, then a part-time programme or distance learning which will give you the chance to pursue for higher education. Academically, part-time programmes and full-time programmes are considered as identical.

To attend a part-time or distance learning programme in M.Tech, you should have done a B.Tech or M.Sc or equivalent in relevant field with minimum scoring marks for general category, and some work experience. You have to submit your NOC or no objection certificate from your company at the time of interview. Generally, selection of students is based on the basis of a written test and the interview.

Like M.Tech, many colleges and universities offer part-time MBA programmes to students and working professionals. The main benefit of a part-time MBA programme is that you can explore and talk about real-world issues and scopes inside the classroom, where solutions can be discussed which could be implemented in the real life. In fact, such kind of discussions and presentations, create an interesting environment in the classroom.

If you are a graduate and want to add some advantages in your career, then stop thinking and join M.Tech or MBA which ever you want. You can also do learning and earning simultaneously, which is really very helpful. Do a research for genuine university and join there to add higher qualification in your career.

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