What you could Expect from Donald Trump in Education


It has been one month since Donald Trump became the president of U.S. There are lots of talks on what would be his stand for the various issues such as fixing airports, bridges and war and Muslims, etc. However, there is no serious talk when it comes to the education.

You and many other people may have the same ideas and may be interested to know what could be expected from Donald Trump when it comes to the education. Keeping this thing in mind, we have come up with a write-up that tries to discuss the same.

Trump has not given enough views on his education policy

According to the experts, Trump is yet to make his views clear to the people when it comes to education. However, Trump has echoed some voice on longstanding conservative talking points. All of that could lead to federal government’s role in K-12, and higher education is getting smaller. Those ideas are such as his government could promote the use of federal block grants to choose a school and student loan system could go back over to the private lenders. Moreover, Melania and Ivanka Trump have also said that they will take some measures to protect kids from cyber bullying on social media and to shed light on the issue of child care affordability.

Trump’s education proposals are not clear and contradictory at times

Trumps have the intention of stripping down education department and also wants to unburden the federal government from the student loan business. On the other hand, it has also been proposed by the US president that they will come up with a more liberal loan forgiveness plan. Moreover, he has also said to scrap common core as well as end political correctness on campus, but it is something that not a president can do. It has lead to the confusion among the people when it comes to the education.

Education department could be dismantled by Trump

You must be aware that Trump has said that he will dismiss the education department. His surrogates further say that if the total dismantle does not happen; then it is possible that the education department will be downsized to an entity that allocates funding only.

So, it was a write-up discussing what one could expect from Donald Trump when it comes to the education. Let’s see what happens in the coming days!

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