What students can expect in the coming century?


Have you ever wondered that what will be the situation of students in the next 100 years that is 10 decades. Now the technology has been improved so much that our physical and mental stresses are reduced in a certain manner. If you recall our previous centuries, then you will find that human race has been transforming hugely. Hence, students in 100 years from now will be highly qualified and tech-savvy.

  1. Things like scholarship will be disappeared as student can receive free meals and boarding in the schools and universities. It will be the consequence of technological need for development and personal drive for knowledge.
  2. Students with learning disabilities can interact with normal students as at that time they will get free reading glasses. That will be an epic, really! It is because within 100 years medical technology will be highly advanced so that the best care will be provided to all the students equally.
  3. Students who cannot afford the transport to school can afford it as in coming century poor students will be offered transportation.
  4. Some years ago students didn’t have smartphones, tablets or laptops. But now and in future, these devices will be used in 3D projects for educational purpose.
  5. Now, students are no more limited to their own country only as education has become global as in the future movement of people will be very fast and students will be able to have a morning class in a country and can attend science seminars in another country It will be really cool! It sounds crazy, but it will be happened as at that time we can achieve speed of the light!
  6. Schools in the next century will bring huge touch screens which will enable the students to be capable to share information without any difficulty and get their data quickly as well as check the upcoming events or where their next class is going to be conducted.
  7. Education institutions in the next century will be upgraded and all the schools will offer their students the chance to pick their foods also as all foods will be personalized according to the students taste.
  8. After completing their degrees, students in the next century from now will be offered job placements by their universities without any struggle or depletion of time. This will really turn things very efficiently and we can keep expecting that it would be happened around in those next 100 years.

On the other hand if any case a student cannot attend a class, then it will be easier to read personally as education will be done using video or podcasts or students will join online forums or social media to share information as assignment will be sent individually to each student.  It will give them hands on knowledge and experience as a substitute for reading about what they are taught in a classroom. In the next century, students will no more dependent on anything they are depending now. Education will be easier and illiterate term will be removed from dictionary.

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