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What is Zero Tolerance?


You must have heard the word zero tolerance, aint you? Have you tried to figure out what it actually means? Well, if not, then try now because it is better late than never. A Zero tolerance policy is a set of rules that bans students from carrying dangerous items such weapons and drugs to the university or school and helps the university and school authorities to keep a check on the behavior of the students as well. Breach of any of these rules can be the cause of a student facing detention or suspension for a few days, or getting expelled.

As you already know that in the past few years, US has witnessed many students crime cases such as gun shooting, and students have also been found having a knife and other dangerous items. So, it was very important for all the university and school managements to come up with an effective plan to stop students from entering the institutions premises with a dangerous item. This policy has proved helpful for the school and universities much but cases such as above still happen in many educational institutes around US and that raises the questions like are the educational institutes have been able to implement it fully? If yes, then why these cases still happen? Do students really know or care to know the rules that come under the zero tolerance policy of their school or college? Well, all these questions need to get answered and answered fast. In addition, its not just university management and students duty to deal with all these rules, students parents also need to contribute fairly to make the implementation of zero tolerance policy successful. Parents can check their kids school bags to make sure that they do not carry such item to school or college that could land them in trouble. Furthermore, a parent can also take a look at the policy set by university or school, this way they will get to know what their childrens educational institutions allows within its premises and can give their suggestions if the rules are too harsh or need some improvisions.

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