What are the most useful university degrees?


First question that one should ask after reading the title of the blog is “How to access the usefulness of the degree?”  We asked many students the same questions and poll was in favour of two parmeteres. First parameter is Employability and the second is the salary that an individual can take home.  We were quite shocked that very few voted for the interest in the subject area as a major parameter in deciding the usefulness of the degree.  There are thousands of the courses offered by many universities across the globe, however few of the most useful degrees are given below:

1. Computer Engineering

As per the students feedback we have identified Computer Engineering to be one of the most valuable degrees both in terms of Salary and employability. We  conducted an online survey in US and UK for this particular evaluation. We saw a participation from 15,000 students and more than 35% rated Computer engineering as the most valuable degree.  Any subdomain or derivative of Computer engineering is also considered to be highly valuable.

Our Experts have a logical reasoning that justify the popularity of Computer Engineering.  Every large business has the requirement of computer engineers in their team. If we talk about technical firms than this number increases drastically. Role of  a computer engineer is to create software that is basically the business solution and increase the efficiency of an organization.  Now a days all the major companies are migrating to the mobile phone platform and this has further given a boost to Computer science jobs.

2. Accounting

Every business needs to be aware of its accounts and status of the business. This is the duty of the Accounting department to  assess the financial status of a business.  People working in the accounting department are responsible for creating the reports that are used by business managers and management teams to take important business decisions.  Few of the companies use these reports for the regulatory reporting as well, hence business leaders and manager trust the work of a person with an accounting degree while making business decisions. Since the criticality of the person working in the accounting department is high so is the salary.

3. Business Administration

Business Administration is a hyped degree and still it made to the top three degrees. This degree took hit in last couple of years because of the instability in the financial industry. As we know most of the banks pay a lot , people were not able to overcome the charm of becoming an investment banker. Because of the turmoil that banking industry saw in last few years usefulness of this degree dropped a couple of notches.  A business administration degree from a well known college can get you a job easily.  Major advantage of business administration degree is the options that an individual has to choose from. One can choose from banking, Consulting, IT, Sales etc.

4. Marketing

Marketing degree is placed at 4th position because it is interesting and can get individual a high end job. If you see rankings of the most valued companies in the world,  you will find 3-4 companies that are driven by marketing at the core level. For example, Coca Cola and Pepsi. There two are the renowned companies and top ranked companies in beverage  sector.  These two companies require big workforce to manage their strategies to get their message out to potential customers, but also ensure that you capture them with that message!

5. Education

This is the evergreen sector and never witness any recession, however this is not a highly paid job. Education sector is considered to be one of the oldest types of jobs that have existed for many centuries. There is an important fact that we would like to point out. Whenever there is any recession government tends to pump more money into the education sector. This is an irony that education sector see a significant growth in times of recession. Education sector is definitely a safe bet for a good career. People can also take up freelancing work and make good money. There are many university students who need private tuitions and help with their academics. These all opportunities make this sector an evergreen one.

6. Journalism

A degree in Journalism doesn’t mean newspaper, however we are living in  a digital world where  news can be communicated to the people by various means.   Few of the popular mediums that are used to disseminate news are blogs, Television, Newspaper, magazines and many more. So what is the advantage in terms of employability? The best part is, one can easily take up a job with any of the magazine, newspaper or television. There are ample opportunities available  for the people with a degree in journalism.

We have listed few of the useful degrees and might have missed many. We would love to take input from you. Please stop by and drop a comment. Thank you for your time.

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