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Unmask the myths of homework for students


Some support homework for education and do not support at all as it ruins the time spending of a child with the family and friends. Still, it has not been fully accepted that home assignments decrease the productivity and freedom of a student. Well, in this article I will be discussing about the myths of teachers which has been debunked later. What teacher thinks about the students and what are the myths? But before that please note that it is my view of point. Share your views by email to me or comment in the given comment box.

Let’s get started:

  1. Teachers assign homework or home tasks because they want students should always engage in study.
  2. Assignments are the revisions of what is taught in the classroom.
  3. If parents don’t see the worksheet, then they will think that their kids are not learning properly.
  4. It is the responsibility of students to complete their assignments at home.
  5. It is the proof that the students have understood everything completely what is taught in the class.
  6. It helps students to be prepared for their future.
  7. It is a way to practice the skills which helps students in their exams.
  8. Only a teacher knows the best way how a student can learn or practice the skills effectively.
  9. If the students don’t practice the skills at home will forget everything.
  10. Those who don’t complete their tasks are bad students.
  11. Just reading will not help so homework is compulsory.
  12. Teachers who don’t assign homeworks are bad teachers.
  13. All the children have enough time to finish homework after going home.
  14. It adds educational value to the life of a student.
  15. If students are not engaged in the study after the classes, then they will be engaged in social events and develop unwanted interests.

Myths vs. Reality

Daily assigning homework is not only exhausting the energy level of a teacher but also the time. If assignments are solved in the classroom, then it saves a lot of time both teachers and students. It is the fact that homework is the extends version of learning and should be practiced in the classroom to develop the skills.

Curate and Form Learning Resources

Students should explore their productivity in education. If the teachers want to have students get information from other sources rather than the teacher, then they should make sure those resources are easily available. Most of the faculties are using the flipped classroom approach which already have built or got these kinds of resources. Yet, think broadly about the word “resource”.

The bottom line:

Traditional assignment work at home is still continuing. But it does not mean that students should stop other activities which make them more capable in other fields like sports, drawing, dancing, singing, etc. If your child is facing homework problems, then being a parent you should think about an easy solution like online assignment help. There are a lot of genuine online programmes who offer this service. Your child is a delicate bud not a machine to labour all the time for the study!

Hope the debunking of myths will help you in terms of homework perspectives.

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