Top three trends for eLearning in 2016


The scope of eLearning has been very broad and students choose it rather choosing traditional classroom study. But due to huge ratio of eLearning students, online education employment growth slows. In order to resume its popularity, online programs are integrating new formats to approach the students. The definition of eLearning is becoming more and more broad as new models integrated with real-time instruction, turn education into competition or rethink how student learning is evaluated.

In this article we will discuss about three expert recommended advices for eLearning i.e. synchronous instruction, gamification and project-based learning.

  1. Synchronous instruction:

It is a very famous trend among the students. A study says, in the social work program of online master at the University of Southern California, students took part in their first semester in a virtual field practicum. Students spent four hours a week using by doing video conferences and other interactive things to receive synchronous or real-time instructions rather being a part of partner agency to do traditional field recruitment work with present clients.

A mock counseling session with an actor hired to act like a real client had been conducted. But students invested their time on the video session, and then used a second hour to confer which strategies for engaging that client proved most efficient.

This synchronous model gives students a diverse background which is much-needed for preparation of interacting with the real clients. Face-to-face field experience is very effective which helps them to find an appropriate field placement and lead their career into a great path.

  1. Gamification:

It is another trending way of eLearning. This trend has been adopted by the online New England College of Business and Finance. Three students, both undergraduate and graduate can find course of studies which include games like modules designed to take benefit of the ambition of students. They are very business-focused and competitive.

The eLearning MBA students of this university participate in a simulation where they guide their own businesses, then give good reason for their outputs to a conjured board of directors.

Gamifiation enables them to build a new website for an non profit group. It makes more interesting the syllabus. It is one of my favourite trend in 2016.

  1. Project-based learning: 

This is another best trend in online higher education. In the project-based learning, where students reveal their expertise of academic concepts through the formation of a product, characterizes the online College for America at Southern New Hampshire University.

Take the example of College for America – the students of this college can complete with an online associate degree in general studies with an attention in business or non-clinical health care, or an online bachelor’s degree in communications or health care management. At each time, those credentials are earned by finishing projects rather than going through courses and exams on a set agenda. These projects are designed to exhibit precise skills or competencies in a field of study of students, and can be amended if a student not able on his or her first shot.

The above three trends should be deployed in today’s education pattern so that every student can take the benefits.

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