Top Alternatives of College


In todays times, having a higher degree is not the guarantee of having a successful career. Instead,

talent and skills are being given preference by the companies in the hiring process. Thats why its

not necessary for you to pursue higher education by going college daily but you can try these

alternatives to have a successful professional life. So, read on to find out which of these

alternatives could prove beneficial for you.

Try doing apprenticeship

Being an apprentice to an expert could be an ideal alternative to college. This way you can learn

the nuances of a job by working with experts and can gain lot more experience about the market

and future salary packages etc. by communicating with your colleagues. In addition, there is a

chance that you end up doing an apprenticeship in a company that pays as well. So, you can get

some extra pocket money as well.

Go to vocational school

If you are a student who wants to do a job as soon as you graduate from high school, then its better

for you to gain some useful skills by pursuing a vocational course. In the vocational schools, you

can learn the work that is required by the people in daily life. These works range from plumbing to

cooking. So, you can try to learn it by pursuing a vocational course and can earn well soon after


Try luck in arts

If you are a student who finds him or herself looking in a mirror and mimicking some actor, or you

possess excellent writing skills or good at graphic arts, then you try your luck in any of these

fields. Although becoming an actor is not an objective that you can achieve instantly and surely but

as one of my friend said to me that a try wont hurt you, so give it a try. When it comes to writing

or graphic designing, you can try your luck in some news channel or could write a book and can

apply for graphic designer jobs on various job portals.

Join army

If you are well­built as well as active, you find yourself playing sports in the sun heat for hours,

and you also feel proud of your country, then you can think of joining the armed forces of your

country. This way you will gain amazing life experience, will get applaud from your countrymen

and will also have a job waiting for you soon after you retire as a soldier.

Be a businessperson

If you have fantastic entrepreneurial skills and can afford to start a business, then you should not

wait for anything. Although, its not guaranteed that you will reach the success instantly but you

will gain valuable experience and someday you will find your schedule full of appointments and

many other commitments. Need i say more?

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