What is cloud architecture?
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Cloud Architecture: What are its functions?

Introduction Cloud architecture is one of the significant concepts which are gaining importance in the business world significantly. Therefore, it is very important to understand the concept of cloud architecture in order to be in the business world and function effectively and efficiently. Cloud architecture is the result of advancement in technology and advanced technology has changed the way of…

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Hacking Techniques
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HACKING TECHNIQUES: What are its types?

Nowadays, it has become very common and easier for the hackers to get access to the unauthorized zones and steal personal data and information such as financial data, or any kind of confidential information pertaining to credit cards or baking details. One needs to stay vigilant as well as protect themselves against cyber criminals’ and their hacking techniques. In order…

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Networking Connectivity
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NETWORKING CONNECTIVITY: Explanation and Working

Networking connectivity is being described as the process of connecting the varied parts of networks to one another. A computer network possesses the collections of printers, computers and different others type of equipment that are connected together in such a manner so that communication can be held between them. At present, millions of people share information as well as data…

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Information Security Analyst Jobs (1)
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Information Security Analyst Jobs

Information Security Analyst Jobs are meant to provide security to the organisation’s sensitive information. And this is performed by an information security analyst, he/she makes sure every information is secured and there is no data loss from any resource of the organisation. And his work to improve the company’s security. The job of the security analyst is full of responsibility…

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software information technology
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Computer Information Technology

Computer information technology is a process of studying the use of computer and its application such as computer network, programming, computer languages and database. Computer information technology has changed our way of living life. This modern world is a living example of computer information technology. We can see the technology growth around us, this is given by computer information technology.…

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Computer Science vs Information
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Computer Science vs Information Technology

Hey guys in this blog post I will tell you how to differentiate between computer science and information technology. Both look same, and to the layperson computer science and information technology may seem like the same thing, but actully they both field have many differences. They both focus on specific aspects of the area, and careers. With the help of…

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Computer technology: A very important topic in Information Technology

The word computer derived from the English word “computer” which means the calculator. At the beginning of computer technology, the primary purpose of the computer system was to provide calculation and computing solutions for the problems. But in the current era, the primary use of the computer technology is not just limited to the calculations only. Computer technology has achieved…

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