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Top three trends for eLearning in 2016

The scope of eLearning has been very broad and students choose it rather choosing traditional classroom study. But due to huge ratio of eLearning students, online education employment growth slows. In order to resume its popularity, online programs are integrating new formats to approach the students. The definition of eLearning is becoming more and more broad as new models integrated with real-time…

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How game based learning change the life of a student

Stereotype learning is no more entertaining and tempting students because they need some changes in traditional classrooms. How will be the idea if kids can be instructed to turn their attention from the teachers to their iPhone, not for enjoying with the endless games and apps but to find new and effective ideas to keep students entertained!   Now-a-days gamification…

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How to accomplish an effective Virtual Classroom Training Session?

I have discussed a lot of time about online courses and eLearning previously. Virtual classrooms and training are quite similar with eLearning. It has been proven very convenient and exciting for students. There are some effective ways to enhance your virtual training online. Follow the steps given below: Figure out your objectives. The first and very important thing is to…

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