Computer Hackers
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Computer Hackers: Explanation and Types

INTRODUCTION TO THE COMPUTER HACKERS The developments in the information and communication technology have provided ease of performing business to the organization. However, developments in the given sector have led to developing different other types of issues. Hence, one of the common issues that is associated with cybercrime is hacking. In accordance with the given context, it can be said…

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Distributed Database
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Distributed Database: How does it work?

How does Distributed Database work? A distributed database is considered as a database in which two or more files are located in two different places. However, they are either connected through the same network or lies in a completely different network. It is a single huge database in which portions of the data are stored in multiple physical locations and…

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What is cloud architecture?
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Cloud Architecture: What are its functions?

Introduction Cloud architecture is one of the significant concepts which are gaining importance in the business world significantly. Therefore, it is very important to understand the concept of cloud architecture in order to be in the business world and function effectively and efficiently. Cloud architecture is the result of advancement in technology and advanced technology has changed the way of…

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Virtual Private Network

VPN is a helpful approach to keep up high-level harmony of communication inside an organization, even on account of a far distance. This enables any client to get to any site connected with the intranet or VPN, with more prominent productivity and security. Virtual Private Networks are additionally helpful for private clients who wish to improve the security of their…

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Database Management System – An easy way to manage your data

Introduction Students who have a course of Database Management should know the fundamentals of this subject. Then what is database management system? You can easily access, managed and updated the related data that are accumulated and organised in a manner so that you can do it easily. A database can be anything, for example, information about your college. In a…

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