Role of Technology Academics, Teacher and Motivation

Some innovative apps for both students and teachers


In our previous articles, we have already discussed about some apps which help the students in their education. In this article we will discuss about some other innovative apps. There are numerous app categorized as learning management systems, flashcard creators, and content archives.  Without wasting time let’s discuss:

Apps for students and teachers.

  1. Edmodo

It is an organised social media platform for teachers, students, and parents, which allows teachers to allocate and check homework on their mobile devices, students to join with educators and classmates, and keep up-to-date to parents on what their children are doing at school. It has amasingly more than 48 million fans and now it continues to get bigger both nationally and internationally. It has a partnership with Cambridge and Oxford University Presses also.

  1. Kahoot!

It has been designed especially as a very user-friendly tool which helps in designing in-class questionnaires and quizzes. A teacher can easily design a quiz, survey, or questionnaire to check the knowledge of the students. Students can also answer the questions by using various devices.

It is convenient because it is easy to use, support to a variety of devices, and planned to encourage a fun learning surroundings. It also allows faculties to get a clear idea of their students while the students are busy in a fun learning experience.

Apart from this, Kahoot also focuses on how users can share their ideas, troubleshoot the problems, and ask questions to the staff of Kahoot. It has also planned to promote this app to the people worldwide by establishing Kahoot community forums. Here they can discuss with each other.

  1. Clever

Clever streamlines, it is the process of logging into educational apps by allowing students to log on all of their tools with a single set of credentials. Teachers and students of K–12 love it as they don’t have to note down a lot of credentials for each tool provided students cannot access it unless their school have been registered with Clever. It saves a lot of efforts and time in the classroom.

  1. Schoology

Schoology is a system for learning management to help in the making of class rosters, course of study, and agendas. It also keeps records of interactions among students and student assessment results, and other things happen in the classroom. Faculties and students of  K–12 schools, higher-education institutions, and corporations love this system for its usability.

IT has great features, which include web hosting, calendar management and the aggregation of personal, course, school, and district calendars; workload planning; personal messaging; and large-scale (system-wide) and small-scale (user) management.

These are some innovative systems, which help not only students, but also their faculties. Developed countries like UK, USA, Australia and Canada have adopted these systems into their education management. It helps their system and management to develop unique ideas and innovative things. In this tech-savvy world, everybody has the rights to learn and teach the best technology. Gradually, these systems are expanded globally to reach the students and teachers of other developing countries.

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