Some Bad Habits that Affect your Mental Health

Having optimum mental health is much required for the students for the better academic performance. You develop good mental health if you show concern for it since the academic days and you can reap the benefits of it in the professional life later on.

During the school life, some of the students develop some habits that affect their mental health and find it tough to tackle the school life problems as a result.


Many students start smoking during their college or school days or use some other type of drug. They may do it to look cool, or they may do it to avoid thinking about some traumatic matter.

Either way, smoking affects your mental health a lot. Its effects on the lungs are proven, and a smoker could have breathing problems. Moreover, they could also develop cancer if they continue it for a long time.

Trying to be a perfectionist

In Japan, it has been seen that the people are highly dedicated to their work and try to be the perfectionist to achieve happiness and satisfaction. In other parts of the world, students and all aged people are very conscious about their looks, and it urges them to look good all the times.

In doing so, people from Japan and other parts of the world hurting their mental health. So, it would be better not to focus on the perfectionism in all the matters, and there should be an extent for following the perfectionism as well.

Getting hooked to social networks for hours

Social networks are the new hangout places for the students in the contemporary world. You spend many hours on these social networks, and you gain various unnecessary ideas from there.

It could affect your brain, and you may not be able to focus on the academics. So, you should make sure to spend less time on the social networks, and your primary focus should be on the academics.

Spending too much time in the noisy places and sitting on a chair for a long time could also affect your mental health. You should avoid both of it and should give much importance to your mental health.

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