Role of Technology Academics

Technology plays a role of a game changer in the student life


In this tech-savvy era, technology has changed the life of human beings in many ways. We can communicate and go about our lives very effortlessly. In the same way, students seldom to use traditional things in their study because of this. Very few educators would deny the fact that technology has spectacularly changed the education and learning process.

So how technology has changed the education? Let’s start discussing with some points:

Role of Technology in Student’s life

Evolution in Communication
Now, students have learned a language which is hard to understand for educators because teachers don’t always understand them properly. Students communicate in various languages due to the power of technology.
No more Traditional Textbooks
The concept of a traditional book has been changed now. They become interactive textbooks because they no more limited to black letters and images only. They have websites which include assessments, animations, additional materials, videos, and other materials to support the learning of new content.
Rise of eBooks
These are becoming more common in schools with the improvements of online readers and tablet computer users.  In future, maybe textbook will become history as no student want to carry such heavy textbooks to the schools. You can use several ebooks on your electronic gadgets for Homework writing and assignment help.
No More Note Passing in The Classroom
Though students are directly connected to learning, but don’t pass notes in the classroom anymore.  Rather, they send emails to each other with eNotes.
Increase in Audience
In 1980s, only the teachers were the audiences, in 1990s, teachers and peers were the audiences, but in the 21st century is the whole world become the audience. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, forums and other online platforms changed the concept of audience expand it to the world.
Poster Boards
Web Technology like Web 2.0 tools (Glogster) have changed the experience.  It is a platform where students can create a lot of multimedia “glog” or poster to show what they know and comprehend about a topic.

Vanishing of the Chalk Board
Much notice has been placed on interactive gaming as an influential platform for student learning. Nowadays, our students love to be taught by new programs and web-based tools instead of chalkboards.
iPad – A Game Changer
iPads are very powerful and adaptable electronics gadget for teaching and learning.  There are various applications which help students, especially to differently abled students with special needs.
Increase in Classroom Communities
Technology makes easy our potential to enlarge the classroom community by using web-based platforms like Edmodo.  Here, both teachers and students can use the platform to interact homework, post assignments, and discuss with parents as they work on various projects.
Expansion of Web-Based Research
Yet, we use libraries, but now a lot of our research and learning is becoming web-based.  We can find instantly with the help of internet which a library takes several times to do. So the consequence is, we should to sort through huge amounts of information proficiently.  We know how to grasp and use information efficiently.
I must support that because it takes less time to get any information, we invest more time digesting, thinking, and learning about other new information/knowledge.

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