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We had some introduction to marketing assignment help in the previous articles. I have been emphasizing on the importance of marketing concepts and Project management concepts. We all know that marketing is important for a company as it deals with the external entities. Same way the importance of online accounting assignment help  holds true, though it doesn’t deal with the external entities.

We all know that accounting is more about putting the assets and liabilities on paper. With the help of this balance sheet assignment help an organization can calculate their Profit and loss statement.  Now this is not the primary task of online accounting assignment help. It is a much wider and deeper area. Let us discuss the four major area of online accounting assignment help. We can break accounting and Finance in four major area. Public Accounting assignment help, Corporate accounting assignment help, Corporate Finance and Investment Banking ( not the direct branch of online accounting assignment help).

1. Public Accounting assignment help– This is the first major area of online accounting assignment help. This Works for a CPA Firm charging clients for your services. There are four subcategories that are covered under public accounting assignment help.

  • Audit – Audit clients on a regular cycle, render advice on internal control and accounting practices and procedures
  • Tax – This includes the tax returns preparation and rendering advice related to taxes.
  • Forensic – There are good chances of frauds in an organization. In order to reduce the the  potential fraud Investigation is done before hand.
  • IT and Systems Audit assignment help evaluate work-flows and controls in systems.

2. Corporate Accounting assignment help– This area of accounting finds its place in the  accounting department of a company. Just like Public accounting assignment help online Corporate accounting assignment help also has three major sub divisions.

  • Audit and Compliance – To ensure that there is no data breach within the organization. This includes SOX, Internal audit, and different compliance roles.
  • Financial Accounting – This includes the reconciliations for Month, Quarter, Year-end journal entries and analysis of financial statement.
  • Management Accounting – Budgeting, forecasting,  financial statement preparation and analysis.

3. Corporate Finance assignment help- As the name suggests this work in the online accounting assignment help / finance department of an organization. Few of the important sections of Corporate Finance assignment help online are:

  • Treasury – Treasury deals with debt compliance, workflows of banking transaction, Managing banking relationships  and cash positions.
  • FP&A – A mix of  corporate finance such as project analysis, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and management accounting.
  • Management Accounting – This section of corporate finance assignment help Supports business decision making for the  cost analysis,  budgets, forecasts, performance reporting such as Dashboards.

4. Investment Banking – This is not the direct area for accounting. However, accounting has an important role to play in this area of  investment banking.

  • Manage money – This includes the working for money manager or hedge fund.
  • Merger and acquisition (M&A), IPO – This division of Investment banking provide advisory services with Merger and acquisitions. This is also responsible for the Initial Public  Offer ( IPO ).
  • Venture Capital – Role of Venture capitalist is to invest in the potential start-up ventures to raise capital.
  • Private Equity – This deals with the buying and owning of established companies as investments.

The list that I have given above is a mix of online accounting assignment help and Finance assignment help. This is a simple landscape of Accounting and Finance field. Being a student it is important for you to figure out the areas that you find interesting. The areas of  online accounting assignment help that you enjoy the most. What areas would you chose as your career path? If you have not explored the answers to these questions related to online assignment homework help then we can help you with this. It’s better to do research and finding solutions to your accounting assignment problems.  AAH has been helping students with different areas apart from online accounting assignment help. More on accounting assignment help can be found here:

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