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Must read subjects for college students

Title may look weird for this article. Student may relate this article with this the various majors and degrees offered by universities. However, this is not about any degree or major subject, it is about the general subjects that every college student should opt. There are few classes that are worth attending. I am going to discuss about such classes and their advantage for a college students.

There are many things a college student should take care of.  As we all know college is not about just studies, it is more than that. College is about all round development of an individual. To give you a platform for an all round development we have identified the few subjects that will definitely help and you will enjoy their company.

1. Sports 

I am listing this in first place because of many positive reasons. First of all if you do sports, you will remain fit both physically and mentally. Secondly, it is not bad to develop a hobby which has some health benefits. Last but not the least, you never know what can create an employment opportunity for you. Let me explain this with an example. A guy from US was pursuing Masters in Management from a Business School. One fine day many students were invited over by a firm for the networking event. This guy used to play Squash and a big fan of the international squash games as well. Because of the game itself, he  had an awesome fitness and personality. After the beginning of the event , all the students were talking about Finance, markets and stuff specific to MBA. No wonder people from the company were bored and looking for something else. This particular guy got engaged in a discussion about squash with one of the higher management team professional and eventually, at the time of placements, this guy received an offer. MT specifically mentioned that he was looking out for a person with diverse interests and a distinct personality, who can add to the organization something new.

2. Writing Course

You might have noticed that every field involve some kind of writing. Either you can take management or engineering, one has to write a lot. Secondly, it is a passion for lots of people. You must be wondering why writing is important for a student? First reason is it’s an important mode of communication. In colleges , grading is based on assignment writing. In order to write a good assignment one must have good writing skills. Similarly in case of examination , writing is equally important. Even the professional world is all about writing. If you are writing a mail or making a presentation , writing skill come handy. This is the reason one should opt for some writing course at the university.

3. Economics

I personally like Economics and suggest everyone to take up this subject. In today’s world one should be able to understand the economy of their home country at least.  Economics can give you a better insight about your investment and can give you better returns. Secondly, if makes you understand the business and that is appreciated by the companies and corporates. Once you start reading about economics , you will definitely love this .


4. Try Programming course

Well, programming might sound little weird for a student who is pursuing law or arts, however it is not a bad option for a management student. If we talk about the job market in US, UK or Australia, people with the knowledge of both management and technology are absorbed by companies early. Reason is very straight. Companies save the cost of a technical person this might have worked with you. Apart from the students pursuing management, it is equally important for the students of engineering branches. People who doesn’t have computer science as their engineering field should try programming. This will boost your chances of getting a better placement and open many other opportunities for you.

5. Love numbers and try Statistics and mathematics

Primary reason for studying statistics is to gain proficiency with numbers. There are numbers everywhere. Start television, read a newspaper or pay out your rent. You will find numbers everywhere. Secondly, it strengthens your analytical skills and logical thinking. Solving a mathematical or statistical problem one has to be very smart at handling models and data.

These are the few subjects that help an individual to learn different sectors. One should not miss out any of these subjects. Try this and you will see the difference. Thank you for your time!!

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