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Most Effective Note Taking Techniques


Note taking is something that students have to do throughout their academic life. It helps them in getting clear about the various topics in the academics. Moreover, it also proves helpful for them in the professional life.

However, you could make mistakes in taking notes if you don’t have appropriate knowledge on the same. So, as an online assignment help provider, here we will try to give you an idea of the best note taking techniques. So, read on!

Dynamic outline

The dynamic outline could be described as the updated version of the classic outline format students used in the past. It is understandable the classic outline note taking method proved much helpful for the students, but it was a bit tedious. The new dynamic outline technique has three tools that could make note taking easy as well as interesting. Those are; Notation symbols, such as arrows, circles, boxes, color and mapping web.

With the use of symbols and colors, the students find it easy to read the information. Furthermore, mind mapping also gets combined with the classic outline in dynamic outline method. The main feature of it is that its formatting is simple and when it comes to the demerit, these types of notes are not easy to reread.

Page split

Page split is the most useful for you if you want to write your notes in an effectively organized way. It allows you to take notes by separating the page in two halves. Yes, you have to draw a vertical line on the left side of the page, here you should write the small description of the notes you are taking. On the right side, you should write down all the notes.

It is a better note taking technique than the dynamic outline as you may find it easy to recall the information because the notes are readable. However, using this method causes the inefficient use of the paper.

Mind mapping

Mind mapping is also an effective technique you can use for the note taking. In this method, you should start writing the notes with the topic in the center. After that, you should connect the sub-topics and overlapping topics with the main topic in the center.

This way you will be able to make it visualize all the connections between the topics and store it in your memory. However, notes could get messy if you don’t use this method effectively.

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