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The world of Mechanical Engineering


Hi to all of you, how you peeps doing. Today I would be discussing Mechanical Engineering with you. Are you a Matrix lover, or movies like transformers? Do you have a fascination for cars, then Mechanical engineering is your forte. Go for the course and get your dream job. The best part of engineering course is that you can easily find mechanical assignment help from anywhere if you feel the need.

Let’s read this blog further to know about the greatness of this subject. Under-mentioned topics I have covered in this blog:

  1. What is Mechanical engineering?
  2. Mechanical engineering jobs for the subject lovers
  3. Branches of mechanical engineering
  4. Mechanical engineering Vs. Computer Science
  5. Universities in Australia for mechanical engineering
  6. To become an excellent mechanical engineer what steps you must take

What is Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering. It uses different principles of Physics and material science. Principles helps in designing, manufacture, and maintenance of mechanical systems. The subject is from engineering stream. It involves the use of heat and mechanical power for the working of machines and tools. It is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. Many students are fond of becoming mechanic engineers.

If you want to be a mechanical engineer, you need to be good at physics. You must have a command over the topics of this subject. Topics are mechanics, kinematics, thermo-dynamics, materials science. Along with these principles engineers use knowledge of computers. This helps them to design manufacturing plants, equipment, heating-cooling systems, etc.

History of mechanical engineering

Development of mechanical engineering is from Ancient Greek times. Archimedes discovered the Physical law of buoyancy. There were many thinkers and ancient engineers who are behind man-made marvels. Development of chariot, water clocks, and the steam engine. Such things are the ancient discoveries. So we can believe that mechanical engineering is old age discovery.

Design of Crankshaft was first mentioned in the book ‘Knowledge of ingenious mechanics.’ The book was by Al- Jazari, written in 1206. As the time progress, mechanical engineering expanded. New analytical thinking came into it. Newton’s laws of motions were one of the most significant discoveries. Things we are creating today is a gift from yesterdays generation.

The modern age of mechanical engineering

New concepts of physics in 19th century developed mechanical engineering. The field has evolved in order to keep the pace with technical advancement. Mechanics is now growing in areas of composites, mechatronics, and nano-technology. It is also overlapping with aerospace engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering.

Mechanical engineering jobs for the subject lovers


Future is very bright for mechanical engineers. They can go in every area related to manufacturing. They have to work according to the domain of the company. He works in the on design and control of a system. He checks a new system for efficiency. After that, he carries out improvement process.

A mechanical engineer can work as an automobile engineer. He can go in cement industries, aeronautical, or in mining industries. There is also an increasing demand for mechanical engineer in Environment engineering. Let’s see in detail the jobs where mechanical engineers land in.

Aerospace industry

Here you need to do researches, designs, manufactures, operates and maintains aircraft

Automotive industry

Designing car models, manufacturing it, distributes and marketing of vehicles. This seems to be a cool profession especially for those who love cars.

Chemical industry

Do you love chemistry, then go for it. Work with oil companies, chemicals manufacturers.

Construction industry

You can flaunt your creativity in this area. Make designs and build infrastructures, buildings.

Defense industry

If you want to support your nation but do not have that sort of genetics or physique, then no worries. Be a mechanical engineer and provide equipment, armours, and technology to the military.

Electronics industry

Everyone needs electrical equipment. Make and manufacture the components to every sector from automobiles to military.

Fast moving consumer goods industry

Here you get the chance to develop home utility products and goods. For example, tools to clean the house, or for personal hygiene

Materials and metals industry

Development of new tools made up of metals. They are required for every field.

Medicine industry

Develop machines and medical equipment. Types of equipment and machines are:

  • x-ray scanners
  • CT scan machines
  • Tools which can be helpful in surgery.



Mechanical engineering is a vast area. There are number of engineering fields that fit into mechanics. Let’s learn one by one about some of these engineering branches.

Acoustical engineering

This branch deals with the controlling of sound and vibration to reduce noise. Engineers are focused on working on designing, analysis and sound control.

Manufacturing engineering

This branch is concerned with manufacturing processes and production methods. Engineer makes machines and tools to manufacture goods.

Thermal engineering

It’s about controlling heating and cooling in the environment. You must have a good knowledge of thermo-dynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat to excel in this stream.

Vehicle engineering

The design and manufacture of all manner of vehicles

Aerospace engineering

It is concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. There are two more parts of this stream:

1. Aeronautical Engineering

It studies the design and structure of aircraft fly in atmosphere. It requires practical and theoretical knowledge of parts and material.

2. Astronautical Engineering

It is similar to aeronautical engineering. In this engineers works on aircraft and spacecraft that operates outside the earth’s atmosphere.

Bio-medicine Engineering

It is also known as bio-engineering. In this field, principles of engineering are applied in medicine and biology. Engineers make artificial organs, body parts replacements, etc. He also manufactures medical devices and equipment.

Design engineering

In this branch, an engineer designs a machine. He makes it a lot better and efficient. The engineer modifies the existing machines for better performance.

Energy engineering

In this field, Engineer deals with energy creation and conservation. The work is to make machines to use energy efficiently. It also deals with the methods to find alternative energy sources.

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Mechanical engineering Vs. Computer Science


It might be a funny thing to make a comparison between computer scientists and mechanical engineers. But you may get surprised to know the similarities between them. Both of them design, develop and create tools to simplify our lives. One is doing digitally whereas other is physical. Let’s have a look at the similarities between them.

Mechanical engineers

Mechanical engineers identify and find solutions to a problem. Engineers use mathematics, science, and engineering knowledge. They use physical tools and machinery. They are needed in factories, industries, and power plants. Some of the engineers make new machines while others improve the existing ones.

Computer Scientists

Like mechanical, computer engineers identify and solve problems. They use maths and science principles. There work is to design, develop and check tools to solve problems. CS engineers also improve existing programs and make new ones.

Coursework of Mechanical Engineering

Before getting enrolled in any mechanical engineering program, it’s better to look at coursework. I have mentioned below some general topics. These topics are in the syllabus of most universities. Have a look at them:

For bachelor’s degree

  • Introduction to engineering computing
  • Chemistry of energy and materials
  • Experimental physics
  • CAD and fabrication
  • Materials science
  • Statics and structures
  • Linear algebra and differential equations
  • Dynamics
  • Solid mechanics
  • Thermo-dynamics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Circuits and electronics
  • Heat transfer
  • System dynamics
  • Data analysis and measurements

For master’s degree

  • Applied mathematics in mechanical engineering
  • Energy policy, regulation, and incentives
  • Numerical linear algebra
  • Feedback control design
  • Introduction to control design techniques
  • Advanced dynamics and computation
  • Digital control systems
  • Thermal engineering fundamentals

There might be few additions to the topics of mechanical engineering. What I have mentioned is, the general syllabus. The syllabus is from the famous universities of Australia. There are a lot of students who can face difficulty to understand these topics. Sometimes when University gives assignment work, they fail to make. For those students, I would suggest taking assignment help online. There are experts online to help you out in your tough time.

Universities in Australia for mechanical engineering

University of Melbourne

University offers a three years full-time Master’s course in engineering. Here are three areas of engineering for master’s degree:

a. Master of Engineering (Mechanical)

b. Master of Engineering (Mechanical with Business)

c. Master of Engineering (Mechatronics)

Monash University

Monash University offers four years bachelor in an engineering course. Several engineering specializations provided by Monash University:

a. Aerospace Engineering

b. Chemical Engineering

c. Civil Engineering

d. Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering

e. Environmental Engineering

f. Materials Engineering

g. Mechanical Engineering

h. Mechatronics Engineering

i. Resources Engineering

j. Software Engineering

RMIT University

University offers four-year bachelor program in various disciplines of engineering. I have mentioned some of them below:

a. Aerospace engineering and aviation

b. Bio-medical engineering

c. Chemical engineering

d. Civil engineering

e. Computer engineering

f. Electrical and electronic engineering

g. Engineering management

h. Environmental and sustainable engineering

i. Mechanical and automotive engineering

To become an excellent mechanical engineer what steps you must take


A bachelor degree in this field is a must to have. It is a start to your mechanical career. Students should choose a famous university. Secondly, you need to achieve a competitive percentage in it.


Master’s degree is not mandatory to have. You can get a job after a bachelor’s degree. But higher the education more will be the package. Therefore, doing masters in Mechanical engineering can be a good deal.


Experience plays an essential role in the development of a career. It helps to build the skills required to be an expert engineer. It can help to generate new ideas in your mind. Experience can generate various opportunity for you.


Many organizations are offering a certificate in mechanical engineering. A certificate can be of immense importance. It can prove your skills, increase your market value, and build confidence.


Gaining knowledge is always a productive thing. Engineers can go for Ph.D. programs in mechanical engineering. Those who enjoy research can do Ph.D. They can also teach next-gen minds.

The present and the future of mechanical engineering

So till now, you must have an idea about this stream and skills required for the stream. Now I would like to tell you more about the scope of Mechanical engineering. Like any other field, for this also you must have certain traits. You must have a love for machinery and mechanical parts. Your physics, chemistry, and mathematics ought to be good. Then comes your analytical mind, logical reasoning capacity, and problem-solving power. If you possess all of the traits, then be ready for a bright future.

No one has seen future. You never know what it can bring for you. But the field of mechanics has excellent benefits for students. You can go into computers, bio-medicines, nano-technology after doing mechanics. There are many more career options as you have read earlier in this blog. So you can quickly judge that you can grab a job easily in this field.

But there is a catch for you guys. As you know the competition is increasing day by day, so you need to catch the pace. A graduate may not get a good job after mechanical engineering. You need to prove your mettle. Stay connected with the higher education and technical advancement. Only then you can do something great in this field.


Hope you guys had a good time with this blog. I took all the essential aspects of mechanical engineering. The blog started with the definition and history of the subject. Moving further, I have talked about jobs and branches of engineering. Next, I discussed the similarities between mechanical and Computer science. After that coursework and Universities in Australia for mechanics. At last, I have mentioned the future of this subject. All in all, this blog is covering every major and minor area of ME (Mechanical Engineering).

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