Let’s do PLANING – Is it simple to organize?


In my previous articles, I talked about planning a lot of time. If you see in a very deep look, then it is a very delicate thing because all the great things depend upon a proper planning. So what exactly a planning is? It is a process of involvement by the market forces or for pursuing substitute solutions to those offered by the market. If the market fails, then the state is requested to interpose. For example: a time state involvement can also be seen as another to market forces. It usually happens in commonly planned economies and in such case all important decisions about the economy are based on the planning process and are reached at by the planning entities.

Planning is the most important business aspect. Start practicing it from the university itself

The planning can also be used to optimise the resources. It endeavours to grow output within the given possessions and confirms that the advantages are circulated more fairly among various sectors of the population. As the activities of planning effort to emphasise what is to be done first and what is to be completed at the end of the process, it is also considered as an exercise in ordering the actions to be done. Though primacies of a plan are decided by the planning entities, the specification is a very important part of the planning process itself.

Planning can also be defined as “a practice of making decisions for future activities in order to accomplish pre-decided ideas by peak employment of existing resources in a limited span of time”. Therefore, a pre-decision for planning is the actuality of certain points which essential to be accomplished and limits in this respect are time and resources. Here resources comprise all the three types of resources called: physical or material, Finance and human resources. Proper planning is a very crucial thing when we have limited resources and we have to accomplish our goals within a certain period.

The term “planning” is very commonly used in our day-to-day life and each of us do some planning at the individual level when we have to complete some task. Starting from the school days, households plan for fulfilling the needs of the family within the income available and in job life also we have to organise a PLAN.

Yet, if planning is to be embarked on a system, e.g. planning for education, which is the imperative issues to be addressed are: whom and at what level will determine about the goals, objectives, distribution of resources and time frame which are imperative and crucial factors of planning. At the systems level these choices are taken at numerous ranked units. This notion of obtainability of various graded units for preparation is called the multi-level planning agenda. It means the presence of grading of levels of planning with obviously defined regional authority.

Turn around

Now, I guess you will be dreaming about planning at night. LOL! So much planning I have mentioned above. So how a student can be benefitted from this? Well the answer is explained above. If you have any query regarding your daily schedule or to improve your study environment, then feel free to ask me or simply do comment in the below box.

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