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Is homework really helpful?


In this competitive age, students become more sensitive towards any emotion. In school or college, everywhere they have to fight with heavy loads of homework and exams which they don’t like at all. To observe this matter more closely, a survey has been conducted by CNN’s Facebook page. They ask parents that how they undergo about homework and they responded it immediately and intensely. Their responses were like so huge. They expect from their young child either too high or medium. They said we don’t expect the wrong things anyway. Due to the sensitiveness of youngsters, parents become so touchy about this matter. They are trying to handle this delicate and sensitive issue very carefully.

Are you struggling with your homework?

Let’s have a glance at the roots of this delicate situation:

Some parents complain that their children receive tons of assignments which imbalance their family time and make stressed their children. They have been exhausted by these homeworks. They want their kids’ happiness, not a robot who invests all the times by solving assignments.

Some other parents complain that their kids have not enough assignments so they don’t utilize their brains and don’t face any challenges. They say that these academic assignments make their children more talented and improve their performance on exams. At the mean time some others say their kids’ assignments are just right and serious to challenging in a comprehensive economy.

Back-to-school means back-to-homework battles.

This is a very effective shout for each parent and student. After the holidays of summer, the over night crush of math worksheets and book reports, you and your kid may be wishing for another summer off by next year. These assignments only not bother by your kid, but also you have to be worried about this as it affects the grades in exams of your child. A black hole in the grade sheet can change the life of your kid which should not happen.

But the anguish and discussion over assignments is also a headache for not only parents, but also the faculties and advocates. Taking place on a much bigger arena, with parents, educators and advocates for kids considering in on the importance of assignments after school, questioning their effectiveness and asking about their abilities is just too much. Now, a number of public school districts and private schools across the country have started renewing their assignment policies and also assist students who are unable to solve them easily.

Now, a number of parents appealed the National PTA through the change org to accept strategies which say assignments should be student-directed, helpful and restricted to school days. After school assignments ruin the childhood of the students. They even cannot enjoy with their children on holidays. So they have kept petition regarding this.

Bottom Lines

In my view, assignments are a very effective way to exercise the brains of a student. But all we know that “Excess of anything is bitter”. So it is better that teachers can assign homework to students during school time. In summer off they can enjoy their timings with their parents and can explore more by visiting different places on holidays. Assignment help is helpful, but excess of it will be harmful.

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