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How to write reaserch journals consistently?


Now in this “Dog eats dog world” you have to be prepared for any situation, whether it is academic life or outside world. Now, most of the universities  and even schools students start researching and write journals on them. Research based upon various subjects like science, history and maths. They write research papers and it really helps them to build their career in academic life. Life is all about experience to explore. And this way of building career of schools prepares each student who are interested in academic line.

But only research and writing will not aid you unless your way of writing of the research paper is proper. It should be au fait for your audiences. So how to write a research paper legitimately, let’s start discussing:

You should mention your previous work or if you took any reference from some books or URLs (web links). It is mandatory to include your writing the name of the sources on your research paper. Take a note that while writing a project, assignment, project work, etc. if you add some previous facts into the content and the reference name, then it will upgrade the credibility of the content.

There are certain fashions in which way the mention of references should be done. As we already discussed that references are implicated in research projects or dissertation writing. Have you heard about the term “bibliography”? The references should be mentioned in the special section and that is known as the bibliography. Every bibliography covers a list of the names of all the references used in the content writing.

How to write research journals effectively:

There is a certain way to mention the referenced content in the project or dissertation.

  • The bibliography should be written in alphabetical order according to the name of the authors.
  • You should maintain the standard of your writing throughout the journals. The journals should be written either in capital letters or in small alphabets. You have to follow your standard of writing.
  • It is advised to use only one style for highlighting the reference. Either you can format with italics or underline to highlight the reference. Only one of the formats needs to be followed.
  • Punctuation is a major parameter in the research writing which should be focused on the guidelines of BS ISO 690:2010.
  • Spelling and grammar error must be avoided.

It is quite necessary that your writing should include all the formats as mentioned above to showcase your research. Every standard has its own fashion of writing so one should follow only one format in the writing to make the audience clear about the format followed. The above mentioned format will also aid the reader to look for the reference, and the related content covered in the assignments or research journals.

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