How game based learning change the life of a student


Stereotype learning is no more entertaining and tempting students because they need some changes in traditional classrooms. How will be the idea if kids can be instructed to turn their attention from the teachers to their iPhone, not for enjoying with the endless games and apps but to find new and effective ideas to keep students entertained!

Now-a-days gamification and game based learning are two ways to keep students engaged in the classroom. Let’s have a discussion:

  • Game-based learning and gamification, both are two different things. Game-based learning refers to the practice of employing the rules and elements of a game to an activity which is ultimately not a game. For example – teachers can take tests in classroom by dividing students into different teams and reward the winner team. It will be really interesting.
  • Gamification means offer rewards of competition for students to accomplish the tasks. This is used not only by teachers, but also in business as well.

There was a survey in 2014 has twice conclusion which was about gender and game-based learning. In first conclusion, researchers found that men showed a stronger urge for digital games than women. In second conclusion, the guidance design of the game had the major consequence of how these both performed. Male students loved more to compete with others, while female students loved playing games which were more independent. So that choice was completely varied gender wise.

Game-Based Learning in the Classroom

Nicole Walters, a senior and skilled faculty at P.S./M.S. 3 in the Bronx, N.Y., says that game-based learning is a tremendously helpful tool for the students and it is very effective when it comes to those in earlier grades. It is because these students have been exposed to technology from the very beginning.

Kids nowadays have grown up in the digital era which enables them to become more familiar than ever with technology. It may make it challenging for educators to attract with electronic devices for the concentration of their students.

“Kids can learn so much better when they’re having fun,” Ms. Walters says. “It can be a simple game like a crossword or a complex multiplayer video game, but you want them to be interacting and participating.” Source:

The main goal of these kind of games is to have students practice what they are learning in the classroom. Walters says that the games have to be significant and linked to what the teacher is teaching or else, the skills are not going to be utilized proper.

The bottomline:

Game-based learning is more beneficial than gamification. According to Ms. Nicole, students can learn and find new innovative things in game-based education in the classroom. Traditional education like only students, teacher and blackboard – it doesn’t sound interesting at all! Every school should adopt this kind of education so that every student can be prepared from the starting point and ahead to create innovative ideas.

If you are thinking that you want such surroundings, then just search for these kind of schools where teachers focus on both education and gaming. Good luck!

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