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how do toppers think?

I have met many students, who complain about not scoring well in the exams despite working hard. There are several students who struggle to even clear the exam despite pulling out all nighters. Have you ever wondered why ? The difference between a topper and a mediocre student is approach. There is a misconception that one has to have a sharp mind to become a topper and score good grades, however this is not the case. one can easily work ones grade out without spending too much time with the books.  Let me unravel the way toppers think.

Study to learn, not to score

First of all one has to change one’s attitude towards studies. Many of the students take up a subject just to score good , however approach should be different. One should take up a subject in order to learn. If you stop mugging the concepts and start understanding , things will become easy and you would not require to put too much effort in it.

You might have got an idea about the struggle despite the effort. Top ranked students  love to learn and to explore. They spend time stuff not directly related to the subject and find new things.  If you love a subject, then marks and grades will not be an issue for you. If you interact with the toppers , you will understand how they treat a subject and how they score easily. We have given you the fundamental of studies and scoring high. It is up to you , how to take it. I would love to put an example to explain the difference between understanding and just reading and mugging. If you are able to understand a concept and implement in, you won’t require to solve hundred questions on a same concept.  Few questions will serve your purpose.

Motivation from inside

Rewards and punishment should not be a reason for the motivation. One should do their work without considering grades, rewards and punishment.  This is the biggest difference between the real toppers and the mediocre student. If you are doing a work for the sake of completing it, you won’t excel in that subject. You will always stay a mediocre , because you are not pushing yourself for the right reason. Most students do the assignments to get a good grade, or to ensure that they don’t fail the course. This severely impede their performance.

Beat the heat with a positive attitude

According to most of the students, top rankers manage well and never feel stressed because they are sharp and punctual. I admit that they are punctual and sharp, however this is a misconception that they do not feel stressed. They feel stressed like most of the students, but only difference being they are able to manage it much better than others. Stress serves as a fuel for them and they thrive under pressure. This is not only true for a college student, but true for the professionals as well. I strongly believe that a positive attitude is vital to use stress to one’s advantage.

Use Previous year papers and assignments

I won’t recommend this thing, however this is handy in scoring good in exam. This should be the last resort for you. If you can sit and solve few of the last year papers, you can definitely handle the final exam and assessments.

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