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Information of Groves Christian College, Brisbane

Groves Christian College is a Christian college placed in the shrub of Kingston in the local government area of Logan city, south of Brisbane. It was established in 1999. It was named after Antony Norris Groves, he started the first Protestant mission to Arabic-speaking Muslims in Baghdad, Iraq and later in south India. To give him honour the college was named after his name. The founding member of the college was the School of Christain Community Ministers, Ltd. It is a ministry that runs various Christian Schools in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. The first principal of the college was Allan War.

The Motto of the college is “Educating for eternity”. The College has two school campuses, which are in Laughlin street and Velorum Drive Also, Groves Christian College has four sporting houses. Groves College welcomes students from all parts of the world. They never discriminate between international and local students. You will experience a safe and pleasant atmosphere here.

Their education system mainly focuses on the research about god, themselves, people and the world. The Students of Groves College have the potential to do something different in the world, they are able to think differently.

The college is also concerned about the well being of the students, they provide immediate medical support to those who experience illness or injury at college. The college mainly focus is on keeping the student and college community safe.

Ranking of the college

SchoolYearBetter Education Rank
Groves Christian College, Kingston, QLD,41142016317
Groves Christian College, Kingston, QLD,41142017284
Groves Christian College, Kingston, QLD,41142018202
Groves Christian College, Kingston, QLD,41142019287

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Avail Number Of Courses At Groves Christian College

As we discussed groves college is a Christian college, it targets ethical and cultural or traditional education based on religion, faith or beliefs. Here are a few courses proposed by groves College and where you can ask for help at We provide you with complete Groves Christian College assignment help.

  • Ministry and Bible Courses
  • Theology
  • Coursework of Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • History of the origin of Christianity
  • Moral Science
  • Medical Science
  • Many more

These are some of the courses provided by Groves College. Wherever you are stuck, you are free to call us and take assignment help from our Australian based writers. They are well aware of the syllabus and the guidelines made by Australian colleges or Universities.

Extra Curricular Activities At Groves Christian College

Students’ extracurricular activities contribute significantly to the development of a varied community that values all types of learning and achievement. They think that everyone’s growth is holistic and may take different forms. Students are given the opportunity to explore and develop passions that will help them study more effectively.

Among the possibilities are:

  • Emphasis on developing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as a high-demand field in the future
  • Personal training to assist athletes in their development

Competitions in a variety of sports are held on a regular basis, including:

  • Inter-school sports teams in the district
  • Participation in the Queensland Schools Basketball Championships (Queensland Schools Basketball Championships)
  • Participation in Futsal tournaments for schools in South East Queensland
  • Competitions with the Christian Schools Sports Association of Queensland
  • Chorale concert

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Secondary School Clubs

Secondary School students also have the opportunity to participate in a large range of break time clubs activities.

These include:

  • Robotics
  • Spanish
  • Fashion
  • Just Jamming
  • Prayer (Open Girls)
  • Prayer (Middle Phase)
  • Art Hangout
  • Young Mens Club (Senior Phase)
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • ESL Homework
  • Library Monitors

Students can find out more information about these activities on the Student Portal.

Why Do Students Face Obstacles While Completing Their Assignments?

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Missing home may be one of the first obstacles you confront at the campus. Even though you’re meeting new people and doing new activities, it’s natural to miss your friends and family back home. This is quite natural, and many individuals experience it.

Fortunately, we live in a digital era, so video calling can help you bridge that gap and stay in touch with your loved ones back home.

Have to Complete too many assignments

As we discussed, every professor or teacher prefer assignments to judge the capacity of students. So students receive assignment work from each teacher of their class. In such situations, Scholars get confused and lose concentration on their studies as well. And it won’t be changed soon so there is no harm to take help from someone to complete your assignments.

Lack of time management

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Lack of Concentration

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