Good And Bad Impacts Of Technology On Children And Their Education

Technology is the word that refers to the application of scientific knowledge that you acquire to fulfill a practical purpose especially in the field of Information technology. It is obvious that technology has upgraded human civilization in an impeccable manner from the past few years. Humans have attained lots of knowledge in the field of technology and practiced in their real lives in order to add ease to the most complex and easy tasks as well. it is proven that the impact of technology can be clearly seen on the young children

However, technology has also impacted the life of the children and students living in the various parts of the world in a negative and positive way wherein students have acquired a good carrier path by taking admissions in information technology courses and on the other hand many students have become addicted to technology and lost their focus on studies and academics. In this piece of information, we are going to discuss all the aspects of technology and analyze its indulgence in the lives of the students that are affecting their education in a good or a bad manner.

Understanding educational technology

Educational technology is a combination of all the sorts of hardware, software, and educational theory that has been recently added to synchronize and manage the daily tasks given to the students. At the same time, modern educational technology also leads to improvisation in the skill-developing capability of the students. Certain cons also tag along with this technology because this technology is frequently accompanied by unrealistic hype and promises regarding their transformative power to change education for betterment. Most importantly, educators are required to have a good grasp of the technology and its advantages and disadvantages because they are the ones who are responsible for the effective integration of classroom technology.

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Importance of educational technology for teachers

Technology is not just important for students rather it is also essential for teachers to make themselves aware of it because no matter whether they like it or not, they have to learn it as unless and until they won’t learn it then how would they acknowledge the queries asked by the students. Also, educators should start practicing the latest technology before students because children tend to have a young brain that holds a high grasping power and on the other hand, teachers take more time to learn a new skill. Educational technology also leads to carrier enhancement of teachers that increase their chances of getting promotion from being a secondary or primary educator to a designated and recognized professor.

Types of educational technology

There are three types of educational technology that helps students in learning various skills and subjects. Media, machines, and networking hardware are a part of the education system because students tend to learn from them. This technology includes media like text, audio, images, animation, and all of that which contributed to educating students.

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous: we all know that learning can be self-driver or instructor-led in nature for example students tend to take all assignment help from external sources and also try to complete their assignment on their own as well.
  • Linear Learning: this type of learning is inspired by computer-based training that inculcates the self-paced learning activities that are usually delivered on a computer, laptop, screen, and tablet. This sort of learning helps to break the path of manual learning.
  • Collaborative learning: as the name suggests that this includes the exchange of ideas amongst a group of students and the main reason for its usage is “a breeding ground for creative and engaging educational endeavors.

Positive impacts of technology on children and their education

Technology is helping children in many ways and means and it is understood that if children are guided to use technology for educational purposes then they will be in a position to generate more opportunities. we must understand the positive impact of technology on students

  • Technology is opening doors: the children or students who remained deprived of education due to not getting admission because of a shortage of seats or any other personal problem are now learning through distance modes of education like E-learning and online classes.
  • Encouraging collaboration and diversity: it has not only helps students but professors as well by providing them online collaboration tools and course management tools in order to organize student material and keep a track of their performance.
  • Commit to making a bigger impact: in the upcoming decades, technology is creating more and more space in the field of education because all educational institutions are thinking of enhancing the performance of the students by giving them access to more technological tools.
  • Time-saving: technology has also helped students to save their time during recent days when the pandemic hit the globe badly. In the current scenario, students are not going to school due to certain health risks and they are attaining online education from experts.

Negative impacts of technology on children and their education

It is a fact that we are living in a world where technology has already surpassed humanity and humans are being more dependent on technology for small and big tasks that are creating a problematic situation. we must understand the negative impact of technology on students.

  • Increase in expenditure: in the modern-day era, students are more likely to lean towards the use of computers, laptops, and tablets rather than using pen-paper which is increasing the expenditure of parents in all ways.
  • Inappropriate teaching methods: due to the advancement of technology, educators who know the primitive ways of teaching are finding difficulty in teaching students with all their efforts, and research also shows that face-to-face learning is more essential than any other learning.
  • Wastage of time: because of the occurrence of multiple software and hardware errors in technology, students tend to waste so many hours and if the technology gets fail then it causes a bad effect on the flow of the learning method.
  • Source of distraction: technology also leads to distraction problems in students as they possess access to the internet connection in the schools and colleges due to which they try to use social media networks while learning important concepts of their academics.

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