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Give a Helping Hand to the Students Who Experienced Trauma


As a teacher, you meet different kind of students every academic year. All the students behave differently and have their own aims, interests, with all of that they also feel joys as well as fears according to their past or present experiences. Hence, it not only disturbs their personal life but academics as well. So, as a teacher its your duty to keep a check on the students behavior and try to come up with something that could help the kids in getting out of that problem. But before that, you need to be at your best yourself so that you can help your students in the best way. Thats why as an educational site, we have come up with some points that can be helpful for you in the same.

Absorb the information: Everyone reacts differently listening to the traumatic experiences of the students. Your reactions can range from sadness or heartbreak to anger, and you may not be able to react in the best way instantly. So, it is better for you to process your emotions until you become grounded enough, to do that, you can talk to your friend or colleague about it or can access your therapist and can find how you can help your student.

 Understand the emotional truth: As a teacher, you should give more importance to the emotional truth of the student rather than factual truth. It is not necessary for you to go through all the details of what happened and cant challenge the description given by the student or family. People respond in various ways to various stresses, thats why you should spend time in understanding how a student emotionally responds to some trauma and how that emotional response can impact his or her schooling.

 Have clarity about your role: A student needs support from different people depending on the situation. Those people can be family, teachers, social workers, mental health professionals and some others. But you should not try to play all these roles. Instead, you need to know who is involved in taking care of the student and try to talk to these people, if you have permission from student and family.

 Try to understand problem behaviors: After you understand how a trauma impacted a student, you should use this context to reframe what could be thought as problem behaviors. A good example of it could be, you should not take a students rudistic behavior as willful disrespect. Instead, you should think that the student misses emotional self-regulation skill. After you reframe these behaviors for yourself, you should respond to the core issue rather than behavior itself.

 Coordination is the best: Students could feel more comfortable when they have many adults by their side. You can help a student by coordinating with his or her family and help him or her in gaining confidence by using common language, same set of strategies or similar cues. Even without coordinating particular strategies, a common mindset could help a student very much.

 Ask the student him or herself: We have discussed various ways of understanding how students react to trauma. But who could be the better person other than the student him or herself when it comes to knowing what he or she really wants. Some students can surprise you with their suggestions, and some may have never been asked before and can benefit from the opportunity to come up with their answers.

 Keep a check in with yourself: To support others, you need to take care of yourself first as the students benefit when you thoughtfully align your strategies and support with your best understanding.

 So, these were some points that can come handy to you in becoming an efficient teacher who not only leads a healthy life but helps his or her students as well. Hope it was helpful. You can read more such articles on our site from time to time. We are an online assignment help provider that offers assignment help to the students from around the world. Difficulty in writing assignments could be one of the reason a student feeling low and availing assignment help online could prove beneficial for them as they can feel at ease by lessening their work load and get their assignment done by assignment help experts.

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