Five Innovative Social Media Education Platforms


In the last decade or so, social media has become a rage among every age of people. You can find an 11 year older to 70-year-old person using social media. Although, people use it to interact and sharing with people. But in the recent times, seeing the interest level of the people, developers have come up with some sites that aim to make teaching and learning fun. These five social media platforms also fall in that list. So, have a look at these social media platforms and identify which one of it is best suited for your teaching style.


 Its a social media platform where you and your students can create boards on various educational themes using images, video, and text and can show their work to the educationists and students from around the world.


 This is a social media site that is for teachers only, on this LinkedIn type of site, you can get in touch with many teachers and educationists from all over the world and can learn as well teach by sharing experiences.


 If you are in love with books, then its the ideal platform for you to enjoy your hobby. On this site, you will get recommendations from users for yourself as well as your class. This way you will not only be able to pursue your hobby but can do well on your job as a teacher as well.


 Its a social media platform that might come handy to you in connecting with your students. Using this social media, you can have question and answer session with your students and can share video lessons with the students as well as broader community.


 Using this social media, you can stay in touch with the people from your neighborhood and can give a helping hand to the students who have problem in learning and assignment writing, etc.

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