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Finest Online Tools for the Students for Better Study


In today’s time technology has taken over the education and students show more interest in learning from the online tools. So, in this write-up, we will take a look at the some of the finest online tools that could prove helpful for you in studying much better.


You may often forget your printed version of the lecture notes or may forget the laptop at home before going to the lecture or you may lose the notes. It could halt your academic progress as you may not be able to prepare for the exams or may not be able to write the coursework.

Evernote is the online cloud that allows you to save your academic notes. This way you can access the notes whenever required and the risk of losing the data decreases.


All the students learn in a different way, some students may learn better through audio, some through visuals and so on. If you are a visual learner, then Goconqr is the tool you can use.

Here, you will find it easy to take the note, can learn through online flashcards and collaboration tools could also prove helpful for you in studying.


Managing their time effectively is the task that most of the students are not master at. Finding time for writing the assignments and exam preparation may not be easy for you when you have to give time to attending lectures as well.

SchoolTraq is the digital planner that could help you in managing your time well. It could remind you of the upcoming tasks in advance and you could schedule the day according to that.


You may have to write assignments during the academics. In this process, you may have to understand some literature works and you may find it tough to do the same.

Bookwolf is the platform that offers a huge amount of literature books notes for free. You can read these notes to get the hang of the literature you find tough.


You may often struggle to prepare for the exams effectively. Shmoop is the site that provides you with helpful learning guides and exam preps to get you ready for the exams.

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