Facts About Your Homework You Never Knew!


Today, we are going to discuss something very common for students. As a student, you must have never thought that there can be a discussion about homework too. It has been many years since homework is a part of the education system worldwide. Moreover, it is combined with some significant benefits that no one can overlook. Furthermore, we have always known that homework assists students in mastering what they have learnt in school. However, due to the pressure of homework, you must have thought that who created the concept of homework or who invented it? Well, today with this blog of All Assignment Help, we will try to unveil some hidden facts about homework. Keep reading the blog to get the answers to questions you always wanted as a kid that as who and why homework was invented, etc. 

History of Homework

The word homework is dated to the ancient Rome era. Back then, there was a teacher in the oratory named Pliny the Younger. He is responsible for inventing homework in the I century AD. Moreover, homework came into existence since then and became a thing. It is believed that he asked his followers to engage in and practice certain activities at home so that they can develop their skills in any informal condition. Furthermore, the result of the practice was surprisingly impressive. In addition to this, in the year 1905, Roberto Nevilis punished his students with homework and then it got its popularity all around the globe. Since then, Roberto Nevilis is known as the inventor of homework. 

Inspired by the act, teachers all around the world started giving homework to their students. Moreover, they also made it an integral part of education. Furthermore, it is believed to be essential training that helps any student to improve their learning capacity. Therefore, in case you are having any kind of trouble with homework, you can seek assistance from homework help services available nowadays. These services can help you in the best way possible and assist you in enhancing your learning capacity. As far as the further history of homework is concerned, it is said to be one of the earliest forms of independent learning. Also, anything which is homework has to have the following: 

  • Feasibility
  • Easy to execute 
  • Should have a reflection of what students have learned already

Homework From a Teacher’s Point of View 

In a survey, many teachers were asked what is their position on the issue of homework? And here are certain things that they have to say. Clearly, as per the teachers, some of the benefits students can attain from solving regular homework are: 

  • Improved learning 
  • Continuous improvement in academics and personality
  • Reinforcement learning
  • In-depth understanding of the subject
  • Better clarification of the concepts
  • More homework, more doubt, more understanding
  • Constant revision
  • Self-motivated learning

Alongside these points, they say that homework has a great role in the educational process. Moreover, it is not worthless and does not have any negative impact on the students. Moreover, they believe that the amount of homework should be according to their grade level so that it can avoid overloading. In addition to this, homework should come from the creative minds of teachers so that students do not get frustrated or bored while solving it. As per teachers, homework is a way to extend students’ learning. Moreover, homework should be modified in a way that students do not need to struggle with it. However, today we have the solution for everything. So, in case you face any issue with homework, you can always seek help from online homework doer. Now, let us read about the homework philosophy of a school teacher Hilary from Newcastle, UK. 

Homework Philosophy of Hilary, a School Teacher 

I am Hilary, a school teacher in Newcastle, UK and here I am sharing my homework philosophy as an educator. I believe that homework has a great role in the educational process. Moreover, our textbook says that with 24 repetitions of a skill any student can reach an 80% of competency rate. Also, I believe that it is worth practising a skill. Moreover, I have come across some vague comparisons on skills to which I want to say that students need to practice skills so that they can build a solid foundation. In addition to this, homework help students to develop their remembering capacity with which they can move on to use those skills in real life. 

Also, I am a parent and as a parent, I have to agree on the thing that sometimes it is difficult to complete homework. Furthermore, sometimes I find my children’s homework too lengthy for a night. However, if needed I never hesitate and send the teacher a note. Teachers need to understand that not every student is getting help at home. Moreover, I believe that a good teacher must know the situations at the home of their students. So that they can modify the homework accordingly. 

Homework From a Student’s Point of View 

Many students have a positive attitude towards homework. As per some students, homework is needed so that they can practice certain skills at home. Moreover, it helps them to remember all the important things they have read in class. Furthermore, they believe that this is the major reason why schools require summer reading. This is because, if you do not practice reading for three months of no school then your ability to read and write might come to square one. because you are no longer practising those skills actively. However, sometimes they feel that the work is too much. For example, solving 30 questions of maths with a similar format and formula makes no sense when only 10 questions can do the same work. 

Students have their unique solutions to it. According to them, teachers can assign them 10 questions and leave the rest to the students that they can practise or solve extra questions if they need extra practice. Furthermore, in this way teachers are making students in charge of their learning. Additionally, it is also beneficial for those students who have mastered the topic already to move on to something new and learn new skills. In case you are also facing something similar then without wondering “how can I pay someone to do my homework,” you can hire experts. Whilst they help you, you can focus on learning some new skills. Moreover, the problem of homework does not end here. Sometimes students need to stay up at night to complete it. In this way, they can barely get any good sleep which is unhealthy for the body. 

Points of Criticism According to Students 

Students generally despise homework. According to them, it is nothing more than an additional burden. Given below are some reasons why students strongly criticise homework. 

  • Homework causes stress and anxiety 
  • It is a complete waste of time
  • Lack of consistency 
  • Inability to add value grades
  • It lacks motivation 
  • Sometimes homework is very difficult
  • There is no holistic growth 
  • It causes health-related issues
  • Excessive time consumption 

With the above list, we can see that not all student thinks of homework as rosy. 

Objectives of Homework

As we have studied above, homework is a great way of extending learning experiences. It is initiated in the classroom but is successfully continued beyond the classrooms. Moreover, it is also a good way to reinforce all the concepts that you as a student study in the classroom. In addition to this, homework can be both written types of study works that students practice on their own. It is also a great tool for parents to involve themselves in the learning experiences of their children. Also, the education board is always in the support of assigning homework to students. There can be different objectives of homework at different grade levels. However, the purposes are generally the same and these are mentioned below: 

  • Homework helps in extending the concept of learning beyond the classroom. 
  • It is a great way of nurturing the development of good study habits. 
  • Homework is a great source of encouragement for the use of independent skills in research. 
  • It helps in the promotion of independence, self-discipline, and responsibility among students. 
  • Homework helps in the development of a feeling with which you can accomplish a positive self-image. 
  • To reinforce and enrich learning. 
  • It helps in the provision of preparation of subsequent lessons. 
  • Homework helps in providing an immediate reinforcement of lessons learned in the classroom. 
  • It is a great thing for teachers to provide ongoing assessments of the progress of the students. 

The aforementioned, are the points that show the major objective of homework for students. In case you are meeting any kind of issue with your work, assignments or essay then you can always seek assistance from an essay helper online

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Facts About Homework to Motivate You 

As we have studied, homework is a significant part of the learning experience. Moreover, you need to be sure about it that you are going to give your 100% to get the best results. Also, you need to understand that it is not always punishment. Whilst, it is a good way of learning more, doing some good work and becoming a better student to ace your academic years. Keeping all these things in mind, here are some of the reasons why homework was and is always important for you and why you need to work on it with seriousness: 

  • Homework is a great way to prepare for exams. 
  • It helps you to remember everything you have studied in your class. 
  • Homework helps you in improving your memory power. 
  • It is a great way to challenge yourself and become a better student. 
  • Homework assists you in enhancing your understanding capability. 
  • It helps you to get ready for a new topic. 
  • Homework can easily teach you time management. 
  • It helps you in learning some good study tips. 
  • Homework encourages you to engage with your studies more. 
  • It helps your teacher in keeping a track of your progress. 

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