Role of Technology Academics

Excellent Social Networks for the Students


In the recent times, social networks have become very popular among the young generation. Students are enjoying their time at these social networks, but it is also affecting their studies in various ways.

Educationists understand it quite well and have developed some social networks that could prove helpful for them in polishing their academic skills using various academic tools. You might be interested to know about such web portals so read on to learn more.

Study blue

It is the platform that offers a different approach towards studies to the students. Here, you can create and animate flashcards for the study purpose. This website contains about 1.5 million study content written by the students. You can also participate in many quizzes there and can track your academic progress as well.


It is a free social learning network that can be used by university and high-school students for the academic purpose. At docsity, students can share study materials, do counselling and can connect to the students from around the world. You can use this web portal in seven different languages and docsity app is also available for android and iOS devices.


Lynda is a well-known web portal for the students. Here you can learn about different software, languages, business, creative skills and many other topics using the study material and online video tutorials. The video tutorials could prove much helpful for you as it is renowned for its quality.


Sophia is the educational social network that is useful for all aged students. Whether you are in the middle school or studying at college, you can use this platform to learn about your academics. Moreover, teachers can also learn much about teaching using this web portal. Here teachers can use free tools and services that can help them in getting better at teaching.


Chegg is the platform that not only offers assistance to the students having difficulty in writing an assignment, but you can also find useful study material to gain knowledge about various subjects. When it comes to assisting the students in writing academic assignments or answering some questions, you can get your questions answered by directly connecting to the educationists.

We are also an assignment help online provider that offers assistance to the students from various parts of the world. You can opt for our writing service if you find it tough to write an academic assignment.

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