Debunking the secret ways of writing in examinations


Many students get nervous when they appear exams even after a hard preparation. In this article, I am going to explain some quick tips which will help you in your exam. Though these are still very common, these points will assist in your exam writing.

  1. Solve and practice previous year question papers

It is one of the most efficient way to get exam ready than by reading all the chapters. It is a step which isn’t just about preparing an answer for a particular question, it is about your understanding to approach a question in an exam, how to form your answer, the timings you should allocate and what information will get scores.

  1. Read all the questions carefully

The tension of the condition can cause you to be tensed – think your answer properly, start writing your ideas and then suddenly realise you made a blunder and wasted a lot of time. So before writing makes the correct choice of questions which you can answer easily in a very short time.

  1. Time management is important

It is the crucial part for which you have to be strict on yourself. Once complete with one question, you must move on to another with full attention. Remember, it is very important to manage the time intelligently.

  1. Organise your answer

Do not start writing your answer suddenly. Take the first few minutes to think and draw the structure in your mind of your answer which will save you time. Stick to the flow of the topic, for example: if you are writing about the empowerment of women in the society, then just stick to that and add some popular quotes.

Your answer should have an introduction, some main points and the bottomline. Most of the students write a conclusion as a last sentence just to complete their writing. A strong conclusion creates a chance of better impression and so better score in the exam.

  1. Curate both the sides of an argument

Mentioning your argument in the main body of your answer will give on the whole view integrity of you. For example: Literature questions, give the chance to curate both the sides of an argument and then bring it to a close with a serious analysis of your answer.

  1. Revise your answers thoroughly

Last but not the least point it is. Do a revision after completion of answering to every question. Even smart students can make the mistake of writing their answers. So don’t leave the exam hall without checking through what you have written. Proofread your answers in order to correct any spelling mistakes or grammar and add any extra comments you think these are significant for mentioning. You will find some errors which will surprise you. So invest last few minutes for revision of your answer paper.

Though these tips are common, still you need to know your ability and efficiency for your exam. If you have any suggestion or problem, then share with me.

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