What is Clinical Psychology?

Hola amigos! How are you doing? I am back with another interesting topic for you. If you ever wondered how do psychologists think about the human mind? Or study their behaviour? It is because they would have been studied psychology deeply. There are many branches of psychology. In this blog, I am going to talk on the topic ‘Clinical Psychology.’ So for those who are pursuing this course, this blog is really going to help you in finding the right path for your career growth.

Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology. So, let’s discuss what it is? What are the career aspects? What can you do after pursuing clinical psychology? And much more.

In this blog I am going to discuss the following points:

  • What is Clinical Psychology? It’s definition.
  • Clinical Psychology courses
  • Clinical psychology and career in it

Let’s move towards the detailed information of these above-mentioned points.

What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical Psychology Definition: Clinical Psychology is a branch of Psychology. It is concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental illness, abnormal behaviour, and other psychiatric problems. This branch of psychology provides you with the psychological speciality that provides continuing and comprehensive mental and behavioural health care.

Psychologists can only use talk therapy as treatment. Although sometimes psychiatrists and other doctors use medication to treat their patients. To be a clinical psychologist, you may require a higher degree to get the expertise in the subject. However, there are short term courses a student can do and get a basic knowledge of clinical psychology. For instance, a student can have a certificate or training in a particular type of therapy.

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Clinical Psychology Courses

Since diploma programs in clinical psychology are not common. Aspiring clinical psychologists can pursue distance learning programs.  This will help in acquiring a degree in the subject and go for the higher studies. 

Even if, Clinical psychology is a small part of psychology. You should remember, the master isn’t a terminal degree in the field of clinical psychology. You can further go for the doctorate degree in clinical psychology.

Clinical psychology involves united research, theory, and practice. As a result of which it helps to promote personal development. It combines social, emotional and psychological functioning. Clinical psychology at graduation holds the topics listed below:

  • Addictive disorders
  • Marriage and family counselling
  • Practicum in counselling
  • Research methods in psychology
  • Social psychology

However, the topics mentioned above are given for the reference only. There are many more topics in this branch of psychology which changes from one university to another.

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Master of Clinical Psychology

A master degree in clinical psychology is a PG degree. If you want to be the clinical psychologist in the future, you can give chase to it. In this case, if you pursue a master’s in clinical psychology. It will help you to understand many things. For instance, the competence of research, theory, and practice.

Eligibility for Master of Clinical Psychology

Requirements to get admission in the master degree is as follows:

  1. Students should have APAC accredited UG degree in Psychology.
  2. The student should be eligible for registration as a provisional psychologist with the psychology board of Australia.
  3. An English certificates

Top Colleges that Provide Master in Clinical Psychology in Australia

  1. Murdoch University
  1. La Trobe University
  1. University of Adelaide
  1. The University of Southern Queensland
  1. University of Technology Sydney

colleges for clinical sychology.png

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Doctorate of Clinical Psychology

The doctorate is a higher degree in clinical psychology. Another key point is that the doctorate has both clinical and research components. In other words, it qualifies the holder to practice as a clinical psychologist.

For this reason, the doctorate degree is for those practitioners who aspire to achieve excellence and leadership in the profession of clinical psychology. It is an in-depth three and a half year skilful research degree. It consists of seminars, supervised practical work and applied research.

Eligibility for Doctorate of Clinical Psychology

If you want to get the entry in Doctorate of clinical psychology, you should have the following requirements:

  1. For direct entry to the doctor of clinical psychology, you should hold a four year of study in APAC accredited psychology program with the equivalence of a 2A honours degree in psychology.
  2. Most noteworthy, if you have completed the first year of your PG, then certainly you may apply to transfer to the doctor of clinical psychology.
  3. Applicants who carry the equivalent of the relevant master of Applied Psychology can apply for entry and can complete the balance of units in the doctorate of clinical psychology.

Top Colleges that Provide Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Australia

  1. University of Southern Queensland
  1. Australian National University
  1. University of Sydney
  1. University of Wollongong

By pursuing above mentioned degrees, you will be able to add Clinical psychologist designation in front of your name. Know more about it such as what is a clinical psychologist? What is its scope in Australia and salary as well?

Clinical psychology and career in it

What is a clinical psychologist?

Clinical psychologists are those psychologists who have a license to provide direct service to the patients. Their work includes administering and interpreting cognitive and personality tests, diagnosing mental health issues, creating treatment plans and conducting psychotherapy.

Clinical psychologists also work with hospitals, outpatient centres, government agencies, and private practice offices. They serve more severely impaired people than other kinds of psychologists.

A clinical psychologist in Australia

In Australia, there is a good scope of becoming a clinical psychologist. However, for this, you need to devote at least 6 years of your life. You need to complete an APAC accredited bachelor degree. After this doing a master degree of two years is very important. Later adding a feather to your cap, you may go for the PhD degree as well. Furthermore, the speciality should be in clinical psychology for becoming a clinical psychologist.

After doing this, you will be eligible to apply to the psychology board for registration as a psychologist.

Clinical psychologist salary in Australia

Current Occupational outlook handbook has released the data. In contrast to the data, the median salary of the clinical psychologist is $70,580.

Though the actual salaries of may vary greatly on their specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factories. The harder you work, the more salary you will get. However, from the report, you just can get an idea if it is worth pursuing clinical psychology with respect to the salary package.

Clinical Psychology Jobs

Clinical psychology jobs.png

After pursuing higher degrees in Clinical Psychology, you have even more career options. This is the field that is most concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behaviour and mental illness.

If you have gained higher degrees in clinical psychology, therefore, you may find it easier to get the employment in different areas. Likewise, you can do your own private practice or with some other institution.

Notably, the following are the ten most interesting jobs that scholars in clinical psychology can pursue:

1) Private Clinical Psychologist

First of all, the chief role of the private clinical psychologist in private firms is to meet one by one with patients. They assess, diagnose and treat their mental disorders. The clinical psychologist can work from private practice, setting their own hours. Therefore, working with as many as or as few patients as they seek to take on. Many clinical psychologists use cognitive therapy methods in this type of positions.

2) Professor in Clinical Psychology

After having a graduate degree in clinical psychology, some choose to stay in an academic setting. That is by teaching others. Under these circumstances with a master degree, it will easier to find a job in the teaching profession. At the university level and school level as well. As a result, they can teach at primary level at a high school.

By earning PhD professionals can add a feather to their cap. Therefore, can open more opportunities for their teaching career.

3)  Substance Abuse Clinical Psychologist

Some clinical psychologist will choose to specialize in treating those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. In this profession, aspirants may work with the group or individuals. For this reason, they can work as part of an outpatient program. Sometimes they can meet with patients within the hospital.

4) Clinical Social Worker

Students who study clinical psychology may enjoy becoming a social worker. Like this, they provide community outreach. There are many non-profit and government organizations. Thus, they are in dire need of qualified clinical psychology graduates to work with their clients.

5) Geriatric Clinical Psychologist

With the ageing population need for the clinical psychologist is growing because they can work with elder people. The occurrence of mental illness grows with age. Thus, who are ageing many benefits from therapy that helps them address the unique aspects of growing older?

6) Learning Disabilities Specialist

There are even more opportunities for students who pursue clinical psychology. After becoming a clinical psychologist, they may work in elementary or high schools with students who have problems with learning.

They help in diagnosing disorders such as ADD and Autism. These are the diseases which affect a student’s ability to learn.

7) Child Mental Health Specialist

If you enjoy working with children and may wish to specialize in child development. Thus, you can go for it without thinking twice. It will allow them to work with children as a clinical psychologist. Becoming a child mental health specialist is a way to help children.

When children have a problem in understanding or learning something, they approach the clinical psychologist. Henceforth, They diagnose the mental health issues of children.

8) Rehabilitation Clinical Psychologist

As you would have been getting a gist of clinical psychologist work profile by reading the information above. Likewise, you read about the clinical psychologist who treats addiction and works in hospitals. Similarly, others work in rehabilitation centres.

This position requires you to have PG in clinical psychology. Besides that, the psychologist will need to work with the groups and with individuals to identify the driving forces behind their addiction.

9)  University Clinical Psychologist

Students who study in the college sometimes go through transitional time. This time is tough to tackle and prone to mental disorders. For example depression and anxiety. At this young age first time, you can find the symptoms of Schizophrenia.

Now, you must be wondering what schizophrenia is? It is a mental disorder that appears in adolescence or childhood. In this disorder, the person starts having delusion, hallucinations and other cognitive difficulties. In some cases, schizophrenia can be a lifelong struggle.

Coming back to the point, university clinical psychologists are in demand. It is because they can help to diagnose and to treat these problems of students. You may become a clinical psychologist as well after gaining a master degree.

10) Adult Mental Health Psychologist

As some psychologist treats children likewise, adults have their own issues. For this, they have to approach the adult mental health psychologist. They treat the issues which plague adults. This is a generalized position. That means you may find this psychologist at hospitals or private clinics as well.


I hope you guys had a good time with blog reading, moving towards the end lets have a recall on the sections which we have discussed in it.

Firstly, I started this blog with a briefing of Clinical psychology in general. Then I moved to clinical psychology courses. Here in this section, you can read about higher degrees which you can pursue in clinical psychology. You can also see the eligibility required for clinical psychology courses in it. Thirdly, I have talked about a career in clinical psychology. This section deals with a good amount of information regarding the jobs and salary of a clinical psychologist in Australia.

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