Relationship Marketing
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Relationship Marketing: Its role in Business Entity?

Relationship Marketing: A business establishment has to ensure that it is able to attract and retain customers for achieving growth, profitability, and sustainability. The importance of retaining customers into the business is of prime importance and hence for most of the business establishments, customer retention is more essential than customer acquisition. A business entity achieves most of its profitability from…

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research skills
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Different types of research and research skills

Research is what every student has to do in his/her academic career. Research work requires a great amount of time and skills only then you can make a good research paper. This blog will throw light over the Different types of research and research skills. Let’s read further to get a better understanding of the topic. What is Research? Research…

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what is narrative writing
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What is narrative writing? | How to improve narrative writing skills?

Things you should know about Narrative writing Storytelling is an age-old practice. Since the beginning of the human race, people are telling different stories orally as well as in written form. Narrative writing was in practice for a long time. To become a good narrative writer, students need to be aware of the basics of narrative writing. Some students fail…

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Communication techniques and the importance of good communication skills

Hello guys, today in this blog I am going to provide you information regarding communication techniques and the importance of good communication skills. The blog is divided into various sections for the ease of understanding. Hope you will be having a good time while reading this blog. Let us first see all the sections which I have discussed in this…

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Art of formal writing

Hello friends how are you? Today you are going to read something which is helpful for every student. Irrespective of your field, this blog will help you in learning the art of formal writing. This the name of today’s topic “Art of formal writing.” Students often get confused when it comes to writing an essay, letter, or any academic work…

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