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Ten Tips To Improve Your Performance In Exams

Exams are something that are very important for your academics and professional life as well. You have to prepare for your exams with your textbooks, notes and other resources to do well. But thats not the only thing you need to do to better in your exams. With ample preparation for exams, you need to take some other measures to…

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How to write reaserch journals consistently?

Now in this “Dog eats dog world” you have to be prepared for any situation, whether it is academic life or outside world. Now, most of the universities  and even schools students start researching and write journals on them. Research based upon various subjects like science, history and maths. They write research papers and it really helps them to build…

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Is homework really helpful?

In this competitive age, students become more sensitive towards any emotion. In school or college, everywhere they have to fight with heavy loads of homework and exams which they don’t like at all. To observe this matter more closely, a survey has been conducted by CNN’s Facebook page. They ask parents that how they undergo about homework and they responded…

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Does competitive exams hammers the morale of students?

Competition is in the blood of the students. After school, there are lots of struggles and competitions to get entry into colleges. Each year after school, each student fight with pressure, tiredness, lack of poise and time to exceed one of the most imperative milestones of the life. A hard working student spends days and nights in studying properly, sit…

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