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Ways to be Successful as a Substitute Teacher

Substitute teaching is an experience of teaching that every teacher gets someday. It could easily happen when a teacher is on leave and you could be asked to take the class. Although it is an interesting task but could be tough at the same time as well. Will the new students will give the same respect to me as their…

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Academic assignmnets, Classroom Participation, Self Improvement, Teacher and Motivation

Key Points to Remember While Planning a School Event

In the last few years or so, education system has gone pretty modern. Kids study in projector fitted classrooms and learn from many other types of technology. It has turned out this way because of the decreasing interest of the students in learning through old methods. So, schools also understand this thing and are trying to match feet with this…

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Why Teachers Turning Away From High-poverty Schools?

US is a country where education standards have reached the top, and lots of students are gaining quality education in various institutes around the country. But there are some issues that raise some questions, and one of those is the teachers turning away from high-poverty schools. This leads to students not getting to learn from the experienced teachers and it…

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“The Class”- A movie to Teach and Inspire

There are many films on teaching that got applaud of the audience and also got many awards. But the class is somewhat different from other films that focus on teaching. This film is based on the autobiographical novel by a teacher called Francois Begaudeau and was directed by Laurent Cantet. It is a story that revolves around a French language…

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How To Deal With A Tough Student

Teaching is a decent profession. You get up every day, go to school and spread the knowledge among the students. Doing that, you experience joy and have to deal with some problems as well because there are some students in the class who doesnt give required respect to you as a teacher. It happens because some students have some emotional…

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