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Major Barriers Education Technology Faces in the Modern Times

From students to teachers everyone uses the technology in the modern times. Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives as we could do various tasks in just a few clicks using it. However, many schools throughout America have still not been introduced with the technology. It has been like that because of some barriers put by the…

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Ways to be Successful as a Substitute Teacher

Substitute teaching is an experience of teaching that every teacher gets someday. It could easily happen when a teacher is on leave and you could be asked to take the class. Although it is an interesting task but could be tough at the same time as well. Will the new students will give the same respect to me as their…

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Dont Misunderstand the Learning Disabilities

There are lots of kids around the world who suffer from different learning disabilities. These disabilities can be such as difficulty in reading or writing and some students find it tough to differentiate between two words like b or d. These disorders are something that become the cause of many kids not being able to do well in their academics.…

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