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GSM: Global System for Mobile: An era of cellular network technology

Introduction GSM is a connection between two individuals – the individual called and the caller- is the essential service of all cellphone systems. To implement this service, the system must be able to maintain and set calls, which include a few tasks: Celler is identified, location is determined, the call is then routed, and guarantee that the conversation keeps on going…

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Programming Language ( C& C++ )

Introduction Many programming languages ​​based on the C programming language and its immediate descendants, for example, C #, C ++, Objective-C and C, are the most well-known programming languages ​​used on the planet till date. The most talented programmers realize how to utilize C, and C is commonly the language that most programmers are adopting first. A programming language is…

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Things you should know about Management Courses!!

Hello friends!! In modern times, students have been too focused on their career. They want to pursue a career which is promising as well as suitable for their personality trait. Nowadays different Management courses are getting popular among the students. They use to opt for different types of Management courses that can make their future bright and promising. Let’s discuss…

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Learn the Engineering Assignment Writing from the Experts

Engineering is the subject that holds much significance in the contemporary times when we need high quality of machinery, active structures, and a clean environment. You could be the student learning one of the subjects from the engineering. In the learning process, you have to write engineering assignment. It may not be easy for you to write the coursework on…

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Ideal Options for the High School Drop Outs to Continue their Studies

A large number of students opt to drop out of high school in the US every year. Reasons of things turning out like this range from family problems to inability to cope with the demands of the academics. It is becoming a reason of widening the gap between the poor and rich as high school graduate earn about $10,000 more…

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