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Bond University- know all about it

Bond University is the first non-profit university of Australia. It is a private university which is located in Robina, Gold Coast, Queensland. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland. It was founded by Alan Bond. He is the founder of Bond Corporation. Initially, the university was funded by the joint venture of Bond Corporation and Harunori Takahashi.

It was established in the year 1987 with the motto ” forever learning”. Earlier, it had only limited staff and very less no of students. Currently, approximately 30,000 students are studying at Bond University. Apart from them, lumpsum 15000 students enrolled in post-graduation.

This University is unique in many ways such as it provide three semesters in a year. That means you can complete your three years course in 2 years only. Bond Univesity has primarily been a teaching-focused higher education university.

The university ranked 3rd for the subject law. It is popular for law coursework. It also got 20th rank in the world’s small universities list by Times Higher Education Ranking. In 2001, Bond university launched the MBA coursework online. Now students can get their MBA degree while sitting home. The University encourages research and teaching in the field of law, health science, business and social science.

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Four major faculties provided by the Bond University

Although Bond University does not provide a long list of courses whatever it provides is unique and give many careers opportunity to the students. No other university teaches its student about the course of business like Bond university. Let’s look at the courses provided by bond University:

Faculty of Law- get bond university assignment help from our top experts

Law is a very interesting subject as it relates to other subjects such as history, politics, criminology, etc. When you pursue law for your higher studies you will have to learn about criminal laws and civilian law. For that, you have to explore the subject in-depth. If you are interested in politics and want to know the history behind the guidelines and norms to run a particular country or community. Then, it is meant for you.

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Buisness and Management

In the world of business, everyone wants to run their own business. As people are losing their patience, they do not want to work under someone. Top of that growing globalization is also increasing the demand for business. So with the students, they find business management is fit with their expectations. According to several surveys, in the upcoming years, the demand for MBA graduates will be as high as never before.

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Health Science and Medicine

A bachelor’s degree with a major in health science prepares students for a variety of careers in health science and health care. Bond University offers both classroom lectures and hands-on learning, such as lab work, path- work. Coursework may include biology, psychology, health informatics, and many more. In this way, University prepares their student most effectively so that they will ready to serve the people just after completing their degree.

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Faculty of Social Science- Get Bond University Assignment help

Social Science is a vast field of study about society, its norms, culture, beliefs, values, etc. This coursework not only covers the society or people but also cover all the surrounding of humans such as ecology, ecosystem etc. This coursework provides the student with a broad overview of how education, healthcare, prison, and foster care systems affect an individual’s access to services and quality of life.

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List of the following universities in Brisbane:

  • Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
  • CQU Brisbane
  • Brisbane School of Technology
  • QUT, Brisbane
  • Groves Christian College
  • San Sisto College
  • Shafston International College

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