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Are Chrome Extensions Useful for Students?


Nowadays students become more tech-savvy than ever. They prefer to research or read online rather going traditional libraries for learning. They prefer various tools which help them for an easy problem solving access. In this article I am going to reveal some add-ons for students of internet browser Google Chrome. Make it your default browser to learn about the extensions that can aid you in your education.

To Take Important Notes Immediately

Auto Notes

This extension automates the process of taking notes when you want to capture the information. Just select the text and this extension can quickly capture your notes by a single click. All the captured notes can be saved locally on your computer and can be quickly fetched for reading at your time. The notes which you have saved are displayed in badge text on the extension icon.

Google Keep – notes and lists

You can capture what is going on your mind and also can share with your family and friends. Just speak a voice memo on the go and it will be automatically transcribed. You can also arrange photos of anything like photos, receipt or document and can easily find them later.

To Learn a Foreign Language

Google Translate

We all know about this tool. It is default in Google Chrome but the extension is more beneficial than the default one.

Lingualy – Practice a Language

Add this extension to your Chrome and get definitions, grammar, audio and flashcards aid you enhance your vocabulary in a quick manner. You can read online newspapers, Gmail or even your own Twitter and Facebook feeds very easily! It works as a translator and dictionary as well.


It automatically translates few texts on your browser the language specified by you. It effortlessly helps you to learn new vocabulary and get better language skills.

To Develop Your English

Google Dictionary

While reading something whether on the internet or any textbook, you will definitely come across difficult words which meanings you have to find out. By using Google Dictionary Add-on, you just need to select that word to get the meaning of it.

To Sparkle Your Research Skills


It enables you to get a simple and fast access to the world’s biggest information source Wikipedia, where you can discover the most genuine information about almost everything.

To Increase Your Productivity


It is an unbelievable Google extension because it will remind you what you need to remember to do at a specific time. It is quite common to forget something, but if you are using RemindMe Google Chrome extension, you cannot forget your important tasks.

 Now, things are becoming very easier not only for learning, but also for classroom study. If you are a student and want to increase your productivity, then you should take online tool’s help. The internet is the biggest source to connect with study networks and knowledge. Among browsers, Chrome is the highest demanded browser which helps not only students, but also other users who want a user-friendly browsing.

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