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How to write the best 750 word essay


It takes a lot of effort to put up a flawless long essay. Only a few brave hearts have this confidence to take this challenge of writing a long essay. But, writing a short essay of 750 words is equally challenging. Essay writing is considered as a mundane task by most of the students. They find it boring due to the research involved in it as well as it is a time-consuming task. If you are overwhelmed by the task of writing a short 750 word essay, then stick to this blog until the end. You will find some of the most interesting ways to compose a 750 word essay. So, let’s begin with it.

A complete guide for a 750 word essay

The first thing to keep in mind while composing a 750 word essay, is to keep all sections in a certain word limit. You have a cap over the number of words. In order to present all the information within 750 words, set a certain word limit for each paragraph. While defining the word count for each section or paragraph, keep the uniformity. Your words should be spread equally in all the sections. To achieve this perfectly, do some sort of pre-planning. Before writing the essay, plan your essay. Most of the students, in a rush, start directly with writing. They end up creating an uncompetitive piece of writing. Therefore, I have mentioned some rules for writing a flawless 750 word essay. Have a look at them in the upcoming section.

Rules to become an adept essay writer for a 750 word essay


One cannot become a skilled essay writer within a day. It takes a continuous effort and will to get perfection in essay writing. Students who want to transform their essay writing skills need to show some patience. You have to practice every day in order to achieve the outstanding skills of essay writing. Writing a short essay also requires certain skills and knowledge. Here I have written some rules that can help you in writing a short essay. Have a look at them one by one.

Make an outline first

Create an outline of your essay on a separate sheet. Write all your points that you want to instill in your essay. While writing the points, keep them in the spatial order. They should be in the same chronological order, as you want to mention in your essay. Keep the most important points for the beginning and the least important at the end. 

Choose the number of paragraphs

Decide the number of paragraphs you would like to create in your essay. For a quintessential 750 word essay, keep 5 paragraphs of 100 to 150 words each. Most of the professional writers come to a consensus of keeping 5 paragraphs for a 500 word essay, 750 word essay and a 1000 word essay. You can also follow the same rule to bring quality in your essay. 

Make a conspicuous introduction

The first thing in your essay is an introduction. If you fail to make an awe-inspiring introduction, chances are pretty high that readers will not show interest for the rest of the essay. The amalgamation of correct essay words can help you in writing an appealing introduction. You can take the help of a proverb or any line from some famous poetry to start your introduction. Some writers prefer to throw a question at the beginning of the essay, to make the readers musing on the topic. 

In the middle of the introduction, remember to put your thesis statement. The thesis statement describes the crux of the whole essay in a concise manner. Write it down with utmost care. You can take expert help as well to get a good thesis statement for your essay.

Focus on the body of the essay

The body of the essay is a space where you can raise an argument. While making any point remember to use strong supportive evidence. This will help in convincing the reader. If you are framing your essay in five paragraphs, then use three paragraphs for the body of the essay. Each paragraph should raise an argument and evidence along with it. 

To keep the flow of ideas and thoughts in your essay, take the help of linking words and phrases. These words will also help in expounding your argument in a strong manner as well. Remember one thing, you are having a limit of words in your essay, therefore, shrink your thoughts and ideas as much as possible. Use the points that are extremely important for your essay or else you may cross the word limit. To generate strong arguments, you need to have strong evidence. Refer to educational domains like Owlcation, Khan Academy, Jstor to get quality information for your essay.

Conclude your essay with a perfect conclusion

In order to write a perfect conclusion, you need to first decide the word limit for it. Keep your conclusion of 100 to 150 words. Close all your arguments in the conclusion altogether. While writing the conclusion, restate your thesis statement as well. Remember, the conclusion is as important as the introduction of the essay. Therefore, try to end your conclusion with a question or in a way that it can lead to further discourse.

Proofread your content

Now, once you are done with the writing work, it is time to give a look at your essay. Read your essay thoroughly and look out for grammatical errors. Most of the students from a non-English background commit grammatical mistakes. Avoid grammatical, punctuation errors or else your essay will become an eyesore for the readers. You can take proofreading and editing services as well to make your essay free of errors.

These are the effective ways to write a short essay of 750 words. You can use these ways in order to write a remarkable essay on your own.

When do you need to write a short essay?

Short essays are way too different from long essays. In long essays, one can provide a large amount of information without thinking about the word limit. In long essays, one can have as much as 50 paragraphs. But, while writing a short essay, you need to follow various things. You have a word limit, you cannot frame many paragraphs in it. That is why the use of short essays is also limited.

College application essay

College application essays are different from regular essays. They are not for the academic purpose rather get admission in the college. College application essays are not long essays. They are basically reflective essays that aim to provide information related to you. College admission faculty evaluates a candidate on the basis of college admission essays. They are written in 500 to 700 words and provides the description of the candidate. Read how to write a college application essay and learn to write it yourself.

Short essay assignment

Students get the task of writing a short essay during the initial days of their course. When you are a freshman in college, professors tend to provide you short essays in the first semester. The purpose is to make you learn the art of essay writing. A short essay requires less complicated research. Thus, it is the first level of writing an essay. You will learn to write long essays with the help of short essays.

During your high school

When you are in high school, your research skills are too basic. Teachers are aware of this thing. That is the reason, they provide you to write short essays on various topics. 

These are the areas where you may find the need for writing a short essay. Now, you are writing in a concise manner, you need to use appropriate words while writing the essay. In the next section, you will learn about the words that can be used while writing a short essay.

Smart words to use in an essay


Words can ruin or make anything in this world. To make an impressive essay, you need to play with the words. While writing an essay, short or long, you should choose the right words. The right combination of words can make a big impact on your essay. Therefore, here is a list of smart words to use while writing an essay.

While explaining

  • In order to
  • Put it another way
  • To that end
  • That is to say
  • In other words

While giving additional information

  • Moreover
  • Likewise
  • Similarly
  • Furthermore
  • Key thing remember
  • As well as
  • But also
  • Coupled with
  • Firstly, secondly, thirdly

While showing contrast

  • Having said that
  • On the other hand
  • Then again
  • That said
  • In comparison
  • However

There are more areas in which certain words are used. You can read about them here, common words to use in an essay.

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