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4 Advantages of Badges in Education which you cannot afford to ignore


Badges are very important factor to encourage students in their education. Those students are studying online have greater advantages of using badges in an online class. Let’s discuss how these badges have their own advantages for you.

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  1. Sovereignty
    Sovereignty is a great way to happiness at work as well as better consequences. Using of badges also offers students autonomy or self-dependency in education. First, they can decide whichever badges they would like to receive as there are no required for everyone to earn every badges. The consequence is that each student can customise the course to some level and tailor the material as per their learning interests. Second, they can work at their own velocity since there is only one due date for all assignments to be completed which is when the semester is completed.
  2. Variety of evaluations:
    As there are different assignments to do, evaluation factors also vary from task to task. For example: In marketing assignment , students have to write a response to a video they watch, some have to submit case studies, some have to take pictures of their surroundings. In some cases, students have to wear their name plates throughout the day. But, this is not just a simple assortment for the sake of multiplicity. The assignments are geared to aid students to see how the concepts online education cover in the course can be useful in everyday life and usually need an action to reveal this application.
  3. Never give up and Try Again:
    In traditional method of education, once the student receives a grade they have to move on to new class or course whether they have mastered in the previous material or not. It is really weird! The fact is, in many cases deep knowledge of that previous course is essential for further progress in the next course. On the contrary, the simple fact of failing one project takes away any enthusiasm for further progress in the class. But, with badges it becomes motivation and inspiration for students to try again and again until they show excellence on the respective course. In some cases it is usually done in classes with usual assignments such as exams and thesis writing, it is much more intimidating to have to re-do a complete paper than it is to resubmit a smaller badge project. Remember, never give up!
  4. Create A Level of Opinions:
    Another very important advantage for students by using badges, is the receiving of the greater level of feedback on assignment writing or projects completion.  For students who do not thrive on their first submission, if they obtain detailed feedback from their teachers that will be a better advantage for them. They should be engaged in a discussion to develop their skills on that paper or to the next level. I believe that this kind of discussion is a significant factor of the education process and students can be motivated by badges in this kind of situation. Since each project is short, it becomes easier to give the detailed views.

The bottom lines say though badges are not compulsory in education system, but it can be beneficial in online learning courses.

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