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How to write the best 1500 word essay


Essays are an inevitable part of the academic journey. They hold great significance in the academic process. The modern-day education system is solely focused on assignments. For students, academic essay assignments are an eyesore. But one cannot neglect the importance of essay assignments. When you compose an essay, you are required to portray your competence, skills, knowledge and experience of writing and thinking. Essay or paper writing is one of the best ways for professors to evaluate student’s performance. Therefore, taking it leniently will be like asking for trouble. 

During your college life, you will get the assignment of writing different types of essays with a different word limit. Here in this blog, I will be discussing the 1500 word essay. Writing an essay in 1500 words is not as easy as it seems to be. Therefore, if you want to know how to write the best 1500 word essay then keep an eye out for the answer in this blog. 

When you get assigned the task of writing a 1500 word essay, a barrage of questions might come in your mind. What essay words to use in this essay? How to write an introduction of an essay, Don’t get anxious with such questions, here in this blog I am going to answer all the questions regarding a 1500 word essay. 

Approach while writing a 1500 word essay


Often students believe that writing a 1500 word essay may follow a different approach, but that is not the case. The fundamental procedure for writing the essay will remain quite the same. You have to start with an enthralling introduction, then proceed towards the central part of the essay. In the central part, bring up your arguments with supporting evidence. Then, end your essay with a conclusion. But, before reaching to the process of essay writing, you have to follow certain rules to achieve your goal.

Read the essay prompts carefully and several times

Most of the time, students skip this part. They don’t read the essay prompt or question correctly. If you do not understand what your professor wants in your essay, how will you be able to write a perfect essay then? Therefore, read your essay prompt clearly and if having any doubt, get it resolved from your professor. 

Assign time restriction to your essay

The second most important thing to avoid essay lingering is to set a deadline for it. If you want to complete your essay on time, set a deadline. If you create a timeline then you will be able to manage your work in an efficient manner. 

Make yourself knowledgeable on the topic

If you are truly into writing an essay, then you cannot start it bluntly. First, you have to get familiar with the topic. Gain some insights about the topic first. For this, you have to conduct proper research. Gather information from various books or reliable internet sources. You can also visit various informative websites such as Jstor, Springer, etc. to collect good quality information for your essay.

Improve your typing speed

You also have to focus on your typing speed. Most of the students cross the deadlines as they are not having a good hand on the keyboard. You have to maintain a good typing speed to complete your essay on time. A 1500 word essay should get typed within 3 to 4 hours. If you are more time than, you might suffer from your submission. So, slow typers should take help from online academic assignment writers to get their essays done in quick time.

Make an outline

Before you start preparing a final draft of the essay, make an outline of it. Creating an outline first will provide a framework for your essay. Arrange your ideas chronologically, choose a hook statement or proverb for your essay. Arrange how to present your arguments. If you will make an outline first, there is a high possibility to get good grades in the essay.

Stay away from distractions

Last but not the least, students if planning to write an essay, must stay away from all types of distractions. If you are ready to miss a meeting with your friend, or to avoid a visit to someplace for a few days and show seriousness towards academics, only then you will end up with a good essay. Distractions can take away all of your focus and you will find yourself short of time.

If you can have this approach, only then you can write a perfect 1500 word essay. Now in the next section, you will be reading about the technicalities of the essay writing.

A guide for a 1500 word essay

1500 word essay

As said earlier, an essay is divided into three sections. The first one is the introduction, the second one is the body of the essay and the last part is the conclusion. So, let us see in detail how to write each part with precision.


  • An introduction is the first thing a reader will read. It set up the tone of your essay. Guides the reader what is to come in the essay.
  • Though introduction is the first thing in any piece of writing, writers usually prepare it at the end. 

The introduction is divided into three parts

General statement
  • A general statement is used to introduce the reader with the topic. 
  • It can also have a question, proverb, quote, or dilemma which pulls the reader’s attention towards the topic. 
  • The general statement should explain the focus or perspective of the whole essay.
Indication of the structure of the essay

This segment of the introduction talks about the order of the topics that are discussed in the essay.

Thesis statement
  • A thesis statement helps in clearing the crux of the whole essay. What are you trying to prove in the essay? What is your viewpoint? 
  • A thesis statement should be written in a concise manner. Most of the students fail to make a concise thesis statement. If you also fall into this category take thesis statement help from the professional writers.

Body of the essay

  • A body of the essay is divided into several paragraphs. Each paragraph is a group of sentences that develops a single idea. 
  • Ideally, your essay body should be divided into five paragraphs of equal length. 
  • Each paragraph should sync with the previous one. It should raise arguments and have supportive evidence.

Before you come to any conclusion related to the body of the essay, you need to know one thing related to paragraphs. There are different types of paragraphs in the body of the essay. 

Types of paragraphs to write in the body of the essay

Narrative paragraph

This paragraph tells story. Such paragraphs are written while writing narrative essays.

Persuasive paragraph

When your aim is to convince the reader, you write persuasive essays and paragraphs follows arguments that persuade the reader to agree with your viewpoint.

Descriptive paragraph

If your aim is to provide a detailed description then use descriptive writing techniques while framing the paragraphs for your essay.

Expository paragraph

These paragraphs provide an explanation along with logical reasoning.

Role of linking words while writing the body of the essay

Each paragraph shows a connection with the previous paragraph. Therefore, a connection is vital while framing your paragraphs. Transition or linking words are used to unify the sections or sentences in the essay. Linking words will also help in linking different thoughts or ideas of the essay together.


The conclusion is to conclude everything that you have written in the essay. Most of the writers never put many efforts while writing the conclusion. But, in order to write a successful 1500 word essay, you cannot fade away from your focus from this part. The conclusion is divided into three parts:

  • Restating of thesis statement
  • Summary of the crucial points of the essay
  • Reflects back on title and looks to the future

While these three parts are important in conclusion, here are a few more things to consider while writing an essay.

  • Your conclusion should never have any quotes or new information.
  • Make your conclusion just like the introduction.
  • All your arguments should be summarised in the conclusion in a convincing manner.
  • Your essay should convey a sense of closure, it should make the reader awestruck and also provide a chance for discourse.

Read, Re-read and Edit

Now you are done with your essay. One last step will ensure quality work. That step is proofreading and editing. Reflect on your essay and read it again and again and edit all the errors. While proofreading the work lookout for these issues:

  • Check spelling errors and typos
  • Verify whether paragraphs are connecting to each other or not and whether they are in sequential order.
  • Check your introduction. It should have three parts that are mentioned above.
  • Check whether your essay is satisfying the university guidelines or not.
  • Referencing should be double-checked.
  • Look out for grammatical mistakes. Especially, students from non-English background should get checked their grammar from experts.

If you have followed all the above-mentioned information in your 1500 word essay correctly, your essay is ready for submission. Students who are still having issues can take essay help online from the professional essayists of

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