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4.3 Social analysis examples

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In this lesson we will conduct a very short social factor analysis for Robert’s smartphone. You may remember than in the section on economic analysis, Robert wanted to go to India to sell his product.

Let us take the same scenario.

Now suppose Robert liked the economic scenario of India. Now he wants to understand what the people want to whom the product is to be sold.

What can be the ideal characteristics of his smartphone?

Possible characteristics of an ideal smartphone users can be:

  • Enough disposable in the hand to purchase the product
  • They have enough space in their lifestyle to accommodate technology
  • Their social surrounding expects them to have smartphones
  • They have early adopter behavior

Now Robert need to collect data from secondary or primary sources to find if such customer type exist in the Indian market. Let us go to the next lesson to know the sources from where you can gather the relevant data to conduct social analysis.