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2.4 Political analysis resources

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Information that you gather from different sources must be authentic, else you may end up with the wrong conclusion. Authentic information will come from authentic resources.

Do you know you can set up a website in a day write anything that may look authentic? But it cannot be. You cannot depend on a random Facebook or LinkedIn post either for information on political situation.

So you have to know what resource is authentic in order to collect reliable data.

The resources that are generally considered authentic are:

  • Books published by reputed authors and publications
  • Research papers by reputed journals
  • Reliable news sources such as Huffington Post, Financial Times, New York Times, and others.
  • Government websites
  • Interviews and opinion pieces of thought leaders

I have listed some of the sources below that you can use to gather relevant news on ongoing political situation:

Every country has its own specific news channels that relays the information. If you are analyzing a country in particular, such resources can be useful.