Learn how to do External Analysis of a company (with examples)

Marketing Management Course
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  • 33 lessons
  • 10 quizzes
  • 10 week duration

1.1 What to expect in this course?

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I expect to meet your expectation in this course!

I hope you do not agree with Calvin’s philosophy. I don’t. 🙂

Through this course, I have tried my best to help you learn about external factors in an easy to understand tone. You do not have to refer to any other resource to understand what PESTEL analysis is and how you can do a good analysis yourself. Along with the PESTEL Analysis, I have also covered all other external factors that are important for the survival of a business.

If you find anything that is difficult to understand, you can leave your comment in the Feedback Box under each lesson. I read all the feedback myself regularly. I will improve the lessons wherever needed.

Before you start this course, know the outline of the key lessons of this course.

Section 2 to Section 7 have common structure. In each, you learn about the role and importance of the topic in the first lesson. In the second lesson, you learn how to conduct analysis on that topic. In the third lesson, I have given examples which will help you get broader picture on the topic. In the fourth lesson, I have given links to all the key resources that you can use to do analysis.

Each section has a quiz of 5 minutes to test your learning. Do not get discouraged if you get lower marks. You rise only after you fall. Go back to the lessons and strengthen the areas where you missed.

In Section 9, I have combined all the learning from Section 2 to Section 9 together to help you understand everything in one picture. This section is important. If you want, you can skip all the other sections and study this section only to get a general sense of the entire course. It binds everything together.

In Section 10, there are two final quizzes of 10 minutes each that test your understanding of the whole course.

Happy learning and keep sending feedback.
– Dr. Morgan