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8.2 How to conduct competitor and partner analysis?

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In order to conduct competitor and partner analysis, you have to talk to the local businesses and gather local information.

Apart from the above, you can also conduct customer survey which will help you know where your customers are purchasing the products.

Physically exploring the market can be the best possible solution to know what is going on among your competitors and partners. If you cannot visit physically, then you can use online medium.

Social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook can provide you with the connections who have local knowledge.

Other than that, you can go through the secondary sources such as local business newspapers where you can find ample information regarding companies that operate in the market.

After you identify who are your competitors and partners, go to their website, social media pages, and talk to their customers to gather more information. Better way, act like a customer and start discussion for a particular product deal.

All these activities will give you enough understanding to understand your competitor and also find some of the good partners.